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Until November Book Review: The Zeal of Love

Hello Love Smitteners!  Are you all confused with the title Until November when the splendid month of September has marked its end and we have just embraced the month of October? Don’t worry this post is all set to answer your queries.

Realization dawned upon us that the pandemic is spreading its roots deep down our minds and is acting like a slow poison, killing the hope in our minds. It has snatched our abilities to find meaning and joy in trivial things and smile without any reason. It seems like mobility is now almost a foreign concept yet our feet are itching to explore the roads again, paint the town red. But they are bound by invisible shackles that have stopped us in the name of safety, which is a must.

Love- Guardian Angel

In these hard times, nothing seems to soothe us and keep our minds sane. But there is one thing in the confines of our respective houses awaiting to be held by us. They transport us into such a serene world that we wouldn’t wish to part ways with it and return to today’s harsh reality.

We’re talking about books! When the mortal world is haunting you with the troubles and inhumanity, you can always fall back on books. We surely find solace in the company of a book.

In these hard times if you are away from your beloved or partner, what can be better than a love story? A fairy tale is always timeless. But when a simple dreamy fairy tale is sizzled with the undertones of reality, a strong punch of drama, and the infamous Mayson Boom, you are bound to enjoy it. Here’s the review of the book Until November: The Zeal of Love by author Aurora Rose Reynolds.

Before moving onto the book review of Until November, let’s get to know more about the author, Aurora Rose Reynolds is a first in our checklist. It is a sin to not acknowledge the talent and we by no means wish to become a part of such a deed.

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Aurora Rose Reynolds- ‘Until November’ Author

Aurora Rose Reynolds- Until November

Even though published in September 2013, we couldn’t stop ourselves from giving it the limelight it deserves. The book was accompanied by 3 more books and thus formed the ‘Until Series’. You will fall in love with the characters of the Mayson brothers. The charm of Until doesn’t; end here. The offsprings of the Mayson brothers and their boom can be discovered in the series ‘Until Him’ & ‘Until Her’.

Aurora Rose Reynolds has not only crafted the ‘Until Series’ but also the ‘Underground Kings’ series, ‘How to Catch an Alpha’, and the ‘Fluke of my Life’ series. Amidst all these, Until November holds in a special place. It all started with this book and it would be unjust to not trace the roots of such an amazing series. Well, it is about time that we disclose the legendary Mayson boom to you all.

Before we take you to the journey of Until November Book Review: The Zeal of Love, a word of advice, this book is fervent with an Alpha male and features heated adult romance. If you are not fond of these, the book Until November and the entire Until Series might not be your thing.

Meet Asher Mayson and November- The Protagonists

Until November- Asher and November

Asher Mayson is typically used to having his ways around things. The people in the town of Tennessee call him a playboy. Hence, getting into a girl’s pants is a cakewalk for him. Not just him, his brothers too, for that matter. Changing partners like flavors of months? That’s exactly Asher’s game. Asher has everything that a girl desires. Good looks, charms, heart flattering smile, and the heart of gold hidden behind his manwhore aura. One look at him is enough for girls to swoon, All of this clearly indicates the number of hearts he has broken. Settling down and having a family is not a priority for him.

Mayson’s family is said to be cursed that they will never settle down until they find their one, The Boom. What happens when Asher finds his boom in November? Will he change his ways to start a new life with her or will he crush her heart and make her an addition into the harem of women that long for him? To douse your curiosity read Until November by Aurora Rose Reynolds.

How can any love story ever be complete without a heroine? Meet November, a heart-broken girl. She had an abusive mother who has destroyed every bit of her self-esteem and a fiance who adhered to infidelity. How bad can it get? No. But that is not the end of November’s story.


When a mysterious stalker makes her life a living hell and she barely makes out from an attack, living in New York becomes a nightmare for November. When the threshold is met, boundaries are broken. November has had enough of it and she decides to move to Tennessee live closer to her dad.

What happens when she meets Asher there and both experience the boom? Will November be able to move on from her past and take a leap of fate with Asher? Or her insecurities are going to get better out of her? Is the playboy tag going to be a barrier between their bond? You will find answers to all these questions in the book Until November.

There’s also danger lurking around and someone is eager to end November’s life. It is during this episode when the author, Aurora Rose Reynolds, makes us wonder if Asher will protect November and if they will ever have a “happily ever after.”

Until November is the first of the Until Series, and November’s character is surely intriguing. What is the boom all about? We are not to reveal that. It is a Sejour that you will have to undergo to feel the splendid feeling of finding the one.

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‘Until November’ Passion Rekindled

until november

When love and raw desires meet, sparks fly! Asher and November’s love is so profound that it gives us goosebumps. Their passion is so intensified that our stomachs knot with giddiness and excitement. Even Cinderella had a fairy tale, but not without evil casting bitterness over her joys. Until November is no different.

So what did we love about the book Until November? We’ve imprinted below the positive and negative aspects of the book. Although, there is nothing like a “perfect book.” What one may like, the other might not! So, we try and overlook the negatives, and embrace the positives.

  • The Asher-November bond

In the book Until November, Asher and November’s relationship moves forward at lightning speed. Yet, there are hardly any loopholes in their story. The pace is unbelievable! Despite the chaos, they are certain to find their ways out. Toe-curling intimacy, a speeding romance, and well-written characters in the book Until November leave readers in a dreamy fog.

  • The green-eyed playboy

Call him a hypocrite, but Asher is someone who burns with jealousy. One could look at November, and Asher will know from miles away if something’s wrong. Her past relationships always get him all riled up. He was jealous of the men who were close to his woman. But his trust in her, his faith in her never deters. November’s safety and happiness mean the world to Asher, keeping readers glued to Aurora Rose Reynolds’ Until November.

  • The hot romance

There are multiple soul-searing, arousing scenes in the book Until November. But the scenes are penned down so meticulously that we stand in awe of it. They are definitely sizzled with the feverishness, yet it portrays the intimate moments of a couple. They are fiery yet it is nowhere explicit. In fact, we might simply find them sweet.

  • The Alpha-male

Asher Mayson, in Until November, is totally a species of hot-headed man. He is an Alpha male who might seem irrational to many. The character of an Alpha male is a tad bit different from the regular protagonists and the Billionaire men. Asher is one comprehensive person. He is very possessive about November and might pose unending restrictions just to keep her safe and his mind at sane. His love reflects in his tiny mercurial actions.

  • The mutual steps towards bliss

Our protagonist, November, is insecure and scared out of her mind to fall in love again. Finding Asher, and falling in love with him was not how she envisioned her life to be after shifting to Tennessee. Asher too tries to take things slow. Their mutual efforts towards healing her broken heart and him trying not to break other hearts are what strengthened the roots of their love.


These aspects make the book Until November an unforgettable read. The story of Ashley and November lingers some romance even after you put the book down. The author gracefully manages to capture minute descriptions and wholehearted emotions. She doesn’t discount the need to sketch every character uniquely while crafting the story. And all of this, put together with the fairy-tale romance, makes Until November worth a read!

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Remember about the surprise we told you about? It is about to get revealed in a couple of days. Stay tuned to know more about it! Stay home and stay safe. Spread love all around let us become a light in this darkness.

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