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Top 12 Budgeted Gifts From Amazon For Your Special Someone


There comes a time when we all scratch our heads and rack our brains to find a perfect gift for our better halves. Birthdays and anniversaries can be pretty scary, especially for those on a budget. We thought, why not we do some personal shopping for you and compile a list of the top 10 budgeted gifts from amazon for your special someone! Let’s jump right through this filtered list!

Reaping in 4.5 stars on Amazon, this gift is one of the best for your man. It is a set of Park Avenue products that comes in fantastic packaging and doesn’t cost more than 500 rupees. Maybe, that leaves you with more money to buy another gift? 


Birthday Love!

It doesn’t matter whether you want to gift ‘him’ or ‘her.’ With this universal gift, you can give more than just one item to your loved one. It includes a pillow, a mug, a keychain, and a card! What’s more? It goes in a beautiful box packing, thus making it a unique and mysterious gift!


What looks like one of the most expensive gifts can be the coolest possession in your kitchen. This is a perfect gift for the Chai and Coffee lovers, also fond of photography. The Camer Lens Plastic Coffee Mug comes with a lid, that makes carrying it around convenient. Plus, it’s hardly expensive!


Why not make the chocolates a tad luxurious this time? Burning hardly a hole in your pocket, you can gift these ‘wowsome’ deluxe chocolates to woo ‘her.’ In fact, maybe you cant send this across to anyone!


Photo frames are old school, but not these wooden ones where you get to print a picture in a classic style. Who wouldn’t like to look at your or your partner’s picture on the work desk, and smile at the lovely message? You should also know, this smile doesn’t cost a fortune; it does not even cost 500Rs, either. Check it out now!


We grow up, but we don’t grow up! Why not bring back some childhood moments, and gift someone a super soft teddy to remember you by? The three feet teddy is one big giveaway, much less than 1,000 Rs.


You guys have to be at a wedding, but ‘she’ doesn’t have ‘anything’ to wear! You know what the air quotes mean, right? Women do not repeat stuff a lot, and with this oh so non-expensive set, you can get her more than just one! Don’t let the low cost mislead you, the reviews are amazing!


‘A rose to resemble the color of your heart’- want to use this line? Why not complement your compliment with a golden rose to brighten your date night?


If you are amongst those couples who are sighing on the phone owing to your long-distance relationship, then here is a way to look at each other while you sleep! A personalized pillow, with an array of pictures that you can sleep on, and cuddle when you see sweet dreams! SUPER BUDGETED!

We cannot lose out on the couple charm as years pass by; trust this- it doesn’t take much effort with the small gestures. Gift these ‘choo chweet’ type surprise cards and leave it in places where your partner spends time! Isn’t it so different from the mundane ‘I miss you’ Whatsapp messages?


Here’s another combo pack for special ‘him’ that includes a very professional looking pen and wallet. Make sure you put your picture in the wallet before giving it to him (wink wink). It looks super sophisticated, and is priced much below your maximum budget!


Do you love celebrating midnight birthdays or anniversary evenings at home? Glow the aura up with these LED balloons that, and dim the tubes. Make sure you have your partner’s favorite song playing in the background; how else will you dance this romance out?



And you thought we would stop at 12? Well, here’s your bonus gift option, rather, a unique budgeted gift option. This little make-up or shaving mirror looks simple. Turn off the lights, and plug the mirror in the socket, and watch the LED light display your picture. Don’t run away yet; the price is surprisingly affordable!


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