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The Lion King- Most 90’s Kid’s Childhood Love


When I hark back upon my growing up years, there is one movie that I distinctly remember raving about for months, years actually! To explain the distinct part better, I know it was on television at school in a room full of excited bustling tots. I ran home to hug my father after watching the film, telling him I missed him at school, just like Simba said he missed his father, Mufasa. Little did I know then, that I wouldn’t like any other children’s film as much as this one. I am talking about the now much-awaited movie- The Lion King.

The Lion King- Most 90’s Kid’s Childhood Love!

Here’s what I feel about watching The Lion King all over again!

The Lion King


That same nerve of stirring excitement, the will to watch it with my loved ones, and the fear that it will break me down into tears has risen knowing that The Lion King 1994 releases today in an all-new avatar. I wonder if it is just me, or has anyone else felt this relatable connection with this movie that moved every child in that room years ago. In fact, I remember my teachers were in tears too when Simba loses Mufasa!

So I know, that the love for this film may seem little over-exaggerated to some, but that comes from a genuine memory treasured in my childhood which seems to be representing itself. One of the truest sentiments I have with this movie is the father-child bond, which is an unmistakable subject line of this spell-binding spectacle. The process of Mufasa teaching Simba about their kingdom, losing him after a fight, the reminiscing of his father’s lines when most emotional until Simba becomes a father himself engulfed my attention and affection since day one.

Th Lion King


A month ago, I saw the notification of the trailer release of The Lion King 2. It didn’t take me another minute to scream, ‘Simba, wherever the light touches, is our kingdom!’ The narration of this dialogue and its use later in the movie as an echo had left an imprint on my childhood memories. Watching the trailer, remembering the names of The Lion King Characters, and learning that the best of the world celebrities have lent their voices to my childhood love took my delight to new bounds.

Soon the news of Beyonce’s voice giving vocals for Nala stormed the internet, and I couldn’t stop looking up the voices of the characters. A number of interesting names showed up; none toppled my interest in watching The Lion King as just something I love. Not even the fact that my childhood’s heroic love, Shah Rukh Khan has voiced Mufasa in the Hindi version could detour my attention!

The lion king


How can we miss out on the music? In fact, every time I saw the episode in the popular sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. where they sang for Marcel, the monkey, a song from The Lion King, I was reminded of Timon and Pumba. The African words as the background score in this new-age surround sound multiplex are sure to uplift the mood of every true fan. You never know, I might still end up dancing to Hakuna Matata, it means no worries, just like I did when I was little!

Today, as I dress up to witness this magic again, I know that I am inviting an emotional ride into my past, but a pleasant one that will leave me in sheer bliss! Somehow, I don’t care what the critics or reviews are saying, or will say. Whether the movie matches up to the grandiose essence of the original movie or not, it is not going to matter to me, or the millions others who have been nodding their heads and smiling ear to ear reading this!



Disney’s The Lion King has taken my day by storm, and I will probably continue to float in this air throughout this weekend. Hakuna Matata if it creates the same magic or not; it has refreshed me with my cherished magical memory. I have a feeling that my personal history is going to repeat itself; I guess the movie will urge me to step outside and call my father only to tell him, that I love him and I miss being around him!

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