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The day he came back: An honest book review

Books are an indispensable part of our lives, especially in the current times when we stay in the confinement of our houses. When we have time on us, we thought why not bring to you our first Book Review to kickstart this section on our magazine. In this review, we will discuss the book THE DAY HE CAME BACK BY PENELOPE WARD.


The day he came back- Book review

The fiction story revolves around our protagonists, Gavin and Raven. The enamored couple met when they were very young, and it was like an instant strike of lightening. Right from the beginning, we read that the couple indulges in a fair share of teasing which makes it a fun read. The young duo seems to spend an entertaining time with one another. Nevertheless, something changes and shatters their joyous moments. What happens? Does it fix at all? Well, that’s a spoiler, and we’re not willing to spill the beans. But right now, without any further ado, let’s peek into The Day He Came Back’s book review!

Gavin Masterson was a man born with a silver spoon in his mouth; he would bat an eyelid, and all his wishes would come true. But is that what his heart desires? Being rich comes with its own price; Gavin’s price was his freedom. Whether he agreed to pay that price or not is something that only the author’s powerful writing can reveal to you.

Raven is the daughter of a house helper who works at the Mastersons’. She is someone who is not afraid to be herself. Pretense and cruelty are not her cup of tea. The book answers questions like what happens when destiny entangles them and these two opposites cross paths? What happens when sparks fly between Gavin and Raven? Giving confirmation to the phrase “Opposites attract,” these two characters tend to catch one another’s attention.

Glances are stolen and some words are exchanged. But much like we see in many love stories, someone is not keen on the idea of them being together. Is the person successful in doing so? Does fate have mercy on Gavin and Raven? Well, those are spoilers we’re not going to reveal!

The day he came back- Gavin and Raven

The Day He Came Back is set in two life phases: The past and the present. Most of the story unfolds on Palm Beach, while some other scenes feature in England. The one thing that stands out emphatically in this love story is the maturely written scenes that make one connect with characters right from the beginning. When we connected, we found a few more reasons why you should read the book.

Even though the title of the book-The Day he Came Back, seems like quite a giveaway, there are some essential elements that come across only to readers who invest their heart in this book. Is it worth spending time exploring Gavin and Raven’s sizzling chemistry and taking an emotional roller coaster ride with them? We think so! Let’s walk you through the why’s.


5 things that make The Day He Came Back stand out from others:



    The day he came back The family equation is a salient aspect in the story of The Day he Came Back. It sets a base for the lead characters and it is a major supporting factor. The relationship between each family member is contrasting and complicated up to an extent. The book explores the varied forms of relationships, including the strained ones, which people generally do not address. Every single member of the Masterson family is unique.

    The divergent opinions and perspectives are starkly highlighted throughout the story. Everyone wants something different from life. The Mastersons’ are not portrayed as a happy go lucky family that bonds well. This fact is underrated yet very appreciative as it brands the story as real and practical rather than just a dreamy fairy tale. Thus, the family dynamics adds the spice of drama to Gavin and Raven’s young budding love.


Gavin and raven

There is an obvious element of class discrimination in the story. The past of the story clearly throws light upon this aspect. Foremost, classism plays an underlying yet crucial role in contributing to Gavin’s revolts. It acts as a contributor to the very strong foundation of the storyline. More than anything else, it is this class discrimination that makes Gavin and Raven’s love story more intriguing. Whether the class discrimination creates boundaries for them to become one or not is something that only the book will reveal to you.



    Some stories appeal more to the logic whereas others appeal better to the emotions. This story will surely tug the strings of your heart and you will undergo the journey with the characters. So, brace up!! Love, respect, dilemma, fear, and sorrow are some of the emotions that accentuate the story and will unquestionably make a huge impact on you. Every single character depicts these emotions flawlessly throughout the story until the climax scene. Dilemma too is an indispensable emotion that becomes a pillar for the story.

    Each character has a journey of their own who encounter this emotion on countless occasions. They had their own battles to fight and had their fair share of sorrows too. This brings us to the emotion of sorrow. Each and every character goes through the loss of a beloved and it stirred our hearts too. Even though we do not enjoy these moments, the author urges one to feel for these characters with the power of her descriptions.


    We are amazed to see how certain situations have helped the characters to gain an insight into life and how they eventually develop a better perspective towards things. It gives them valuable life lessons of living in the present and enjoying the moment and accepting help both emotionally, and financially. We also stumble to a part where previously the characters who did not get along, gel well over the loss of their beloveds. They are able to sympathize with each other and experience similar pains searing their souls.

    The characters in the book The Day he Came Back not only became a support system for each other but also learned to trust, respect, and confide in each other. It throws light on the aspect of how people can always fix their issues with intentional effort or force of nature. We found this as one of the best learnings in this book since there is nothing more powerful than bonding with fellow humans. What comes across the most in Penelope Ward’s The day he came back is the human emotion of wanting to let go when life asks for mature behavior.


    We cannot choose our family but we definitely can choose our friends. They can make or mar our life. The story of The day he Came Back is a stunning example featuring a good friend who will be with you throughout your thick and thin, the support system, and the concrete pillar to your shattering self. This also brings us to the point that acceptance is the very base of a rock-solid friendship. Gender acceptance too is mildly brushed through the story and this is the power punch to the story. It shows that the author is an avid supporter of the wider spectrum, has a broader imagination and acceptance of things & people the way they are.


What we missed in the book “The day he came back”?



    There are a dozen times where we felt that author Penelope Ward did not do justice to closure in the book.  In some scenes, we got the much-needed closure but it did not do enough justice. In our point of view, those were scenes that could have enhanced the story but failed because of the lack of closure. Not just scenes, but even some characters needed closure at some juncture during the story, but those words remained unsaid and those heartfelt emotions vanished with the flip of pages.


    While the storyline of the past is very well detailed and meticulously crafted, the plot of the present phase seems rushed. As we pointed before, the story lacks closure on various occasions. Moreover, the journey of the characters to attain better relationships is all over the place only to reach half of their destination and end there. If only these scenes got more importance, that this book would be close to a perfect 10 for us!


A coin has two sides, and our unbiased review of the Day he Came Back proves just that. Perfection has no definition; what could be perfect for you, may not be to someone else and vice-versa. But for us, we recommend reading this book if you are a fan of typical love stories. Click to know more about the author and her other books  

Penelope ward- Book review

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