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The end product of education should be a free creative man. – Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

When studying in school, we always looked forward to playing the role of our beloved teacher on teacher’s day. The kind of joy and enthusiasm we experienced on this day is beyond explanation. But did you ever wonder why we celebrate this day every year?

Why we celebrate Teacher’s day?

Of course, you know why we celebrate a day dedicated to teachers! People included this information during their speeches every year. We celebrate the 5th of September in India as this enthusiastic day in memory of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan on his birth anniversary. He was not only a passionate teacher and philosopher but also the first vice-president of India and the second president of India. It was Dr. Radhakrishnan himself, who suggested that we use his birth date to thank and show gratitude to our second parents.

Significance of Teacher’s day

We celebrate Teacher’s Day to honour and show our respect to our teachers on a grand scale in schools and colleges. The students form groups to perform various acts and enact their favourite teachers to showcase how much they love them and adore them. Getting into their master’s shoes not only gives them some joy but also kicks in them their first sense of responsibility. This prepares them for the battle which Dr. Radhakrishnan once spoke about.

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (Left)


Importance of Teachers in India

In early India, people called their teacher a ‘Guru.’ A guru means someone who takes away all the darkness & walks you to the light. He is also someone who not only understands your syllabus but also understands you. A student was taught to devote himself/herself to his teacher and have implicit faith in them. Furthermore, people believed that it is this spiritual connection between a teacher(Guru) & a student that leads one to enlightenment.

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Remembering your Teachers

Unfortunately, as we grow out of school, we tend to forget our beloved teachers. We forget how they helped us pass our struggles during our childhood. Whether it was their anger, screams, slaps, or love, everything worked towards our betterment. Whatever we are today, an engineer, a doctor, a writer, or a successful businessman, it is all because of their sacrifices.

Never did they let their personal lives wipe the teacherly smile off their faces. We never knew what life they were living, but we always saw them with hope in their eyes… a hope that one day all their efforts will result in our brightest future. Even today, when we catch up with school friends, we reminisce about those times when we troubled our teachers. Oh! Those days… when we caught one bit of their feature and imitated what they did. We decoded their signatures and filled our pages with them.

Like we stopped at that! Chuckling even when thrown out of the class, lying to their faces about losing our books on the date of submission, cheering when we heard one of them was absent. I know… I know you are smiling right now! We all did it! And how stupid we feel today about having crushes on at least one of the young teachers? I can never forget making innocent faces in front of the invigilating teacher, only so that she would take me seriously, and help me out a little (wink).

Teachers day


Well, these are days that every student lives on their own, and yet, it is the same amongst all of us. That said, we did not cross any thin lines with them, and maintained a thick line of respect. (Something that we may be losing these days; just saying!)

But tell me, do you ever feel like going back and seeing them?

We moved on and chased our dreams. You are a fantastic professional today in the field you chose. And trust me, if they are on social media, they are immensely proud of you. Maybe, they’re even showing you off in their circle about how you were their student, and have now risen to fame. All of us created extraordinary lives for ourselves, but many of our teachers are still shaping lives in those very schools.

They are unstoppable givers, who will not stop until age urges them to. Do you think, just remembering them on this day is enough? Don’t we owe them anything?

So on this Teacher’s day, Love Smitten urges you to get in touch with those teachers who worked hard to shape our future. Let’s go and see them, and show how all their hard work and sacrifices are so valuable to us. Believe this, they will hug you as their child, and will cherish their moment for life! And, so will you.

They are the potters of our lives, and we are their wet mud. Let us visit them, or reach them via any medium you find convenient and thank them for making our life a masterpiece of their craft.

Teacher's Day


Happy Teacher’s Day


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