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20 Songs about New Relationships

Songs about new relationships? Really? Is that something? When we fall in love with someone, doesn’t it happen that we start swaying to the tunes of love songs, automatically? It’s much like the fantasy world they show in the movies. Everything starts to feel good. Even a wave of hair that tickles our hair feels like love. The sunrise, the sound of water, typically, everything.

Call me a hopeless romantic (which I am!) or just someone who string believes in love, but it’s true. If you’re falling in love too, then add these songs about new relationships to your playlist.

A suggestion- if you’re as crazy about the new relationship as I once felt, and still do even though it’s not so new, you should add these songs to your “new love playlist” that you’ll create soon after taking a look at these songs. Just so there’s no confusion, we’ve also attached the links to these songs with the names. Get set go with these songs about new relationships!

Songs about New Relationships

new relationship songs

Alright, so, a new-age romance, and we need songs to sway with it. You with me?

Bollywood Songs about New Relationships 

1. Kuch toh Hua hain- Kal ho Naa ho

You already know why this is on this list. It’s been quite a while since this song was out but you’ll listen to it in a whole new way if you’re falling in love today.

2. Koi Mil Gaya- Kuch Kuch Hota hain

Peppy, lively, and one-time super hit song, Koi Mil Gaya will enthuse you about falling in love!

3. Gulabi Song- Shuddh Desi Romance

One of the most beautiful songs about new relationships, be it the lyrics or the picturization of the song, it is indeed one that you must add to your playlist when falling in love.

4. Ishq Hua- Aajaa Nachle

The voice, the lyrics, and everything about this song scream romance! It’s all new and you will feel the love with this song.

5. Khuda Jane- Bachna Ae Haseeno

Who wouldn’t want to travel the world with the person you love who will swirl to the tunes of this song? Even years after this song was released, I couldn’t stop listening to this number when I fell in love, for real!

6. Saathiyaa

There’s no way you can skip listening to this song on loop if you are a Bollywood lover.

7. Pareshaan- Ishaqzaade

One of the cutest songs about new relationships and about falling in love, Pareshaan is one hit number in the last few years.

8. Raanjhanaa Hua Mai Tera- Raanjhanaa

The vibe of this song is fresh, young, and oh-so-romantic! Listen in.

9. Kaise Hua- Kabir Singh

And of course, when fall in love, we cannot help wonder how what happened happened. But still want it to happen. Yes, love is as confused as it sounds, isn’t it?

10. Yeh Ishq Haaye

And as we’re ready to hop into the next section, I can’t stop thinking about so many other songs. But we’ll stick only to the best songs about new relationships, right?

Hollywood Songs about New Relationships

11. Dreaming of You — Selena

Because, we simply cannot dream about what things would look like in the future, about meeting again, about committing, right? This song is old but a classic!

12. Lost in Your Light by Dua Lipa feat. Miguel

Lost in your Light by Dua Lipa is one of the typical songs about new relationships. Listen in to know why!

13. Unconditionally- Katy Perry

New love is the phase when one wants to make the big promises (and hopefully stick to them too), and Unconditionally is one of those songs!

14. Fallin- Alicia Keys

You feel in love and then feel like maybe you shouldn’t and hold on, but then you’ve never felt like this before too. Hmmm 🤔

15. Truly, Madly, Deeply — Savage Garden

Even the title is enough, right? It is one of the best songs about new relationships.

16. Love you like a love song- Selena Gomez

There are not many teenagers who might not have felt like falling in love when this song made it to the charts years ago.

17. Can’t Help Falling In Love — Elvis Presley

Can you? Can you help to fall in love? Even though not so new, it’s one of the best songs about new relationships. You’ll know when you listen.

18. Happy Not Knowing — Carly Rae Jepsen

So, it’s okay that you’re falling in love. But, it’s also okay to feel scared. Here’s a song that you’ll relate with if that’s how you feel too.

19. Dive — Ed Sheeran

Okay, so here’s a small example of how this song goes.

“I could fall or I could fly
Here in your aeroplane
And I could live, I could die
Hanging on the words you say.”

You associate! I can feel it.

20. Teenage Dream — Katy Perry

I’m not biased. Okay, maybe a little. I always save my favorites for the absolute last! But, you feel the same. (Sorry, I decided for all of us!) But undoubtedly, it is one of the cutest songs about new relationships!

We truly hope you all are living your teenage dreams and feeling a new love slowly entwine you in its beauty. And kudos to falling in love! Whether you’ve been hurt before or not, don’t stop believing in love. Remember, it’s the source of everything in life. Add these songs to your playlist and feel the vibe.

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