Our Story

Our Story

Hi! We’re Hemali and Rajesh. Most people who know us personally, usually prefer to take our names in the same breath; that’s just our story!

Completely love-smitten by one another, and tied into lustrous matrimony, we grew crazy about the idea of love. We came to realize how people recognize the barriers that come between their love, and not the final destination. The more we came across individuals who spoke about how they couldn’t be with or do what they love, the more we had the urge to remove their blindfolds. It was the time people know that love never leaves any one of us. We just have to be able to see it.

Of course, we fathom what barriers are for we fought them ourselves. Coming from two different cultural backgrounds in India is a big deal, and we had the barriers in front of us too. But you know that one thing we cannot get enough of, love? Well, that made sure we get together one day, to spread and uplift all those in love. With Love Smitten, we want to reach beyond all boundaries and barriers, only to help people comprehend that love exists where you want it to exist. In your home, at work, passion, friends, partner… whereever.. find it, feel it and love everything that you love about it! 

Why we’re here?

Don’t you agree that this is the only feeling that even those who cannot speak your language can understand? Don’t you also believe that the world will be a stupendous place to live in if everyone spreads more smiles of adoration? Wouldn’t it be amazing, and less frustrating, if we all understood that love isn’t a concept and a feeling that can lead us to paramount heights? 

Let’s explore those variants on LOVE SMITTEN, and set the world on this beaming fire of LOVE. We are certain that this understanding will connect humans, the natural and supernatural!

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