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Never Have I Ever 2 Review: The next level!

Teenage drama, the “being single” embarrassment, the “been seen with her” dilemma, fights, misunderstandings… Never have I ever 2 isn’t a lot different from season 1, but we still choose to call it “the next level,” and we have our reasons. (Apologies, we’re a little late on reviewing this one!) The popular show that aired on Netflix in mid-July is already the talk of the town in the OTT world, and why shouldn’t it be? After all, crazy Devi is back! (Sorry, Devi. We weren’t supposed to call you that).

Creators Lang Fisher and Mindy Kaling are back with yet another season and hardly has it been fifteen days that people are asking if there’s going to be another season coming soon. Never Have I ever 2 might not be receiving all the limelight or positive reviews it deserves, but… let’s change that?

People complained about how some things remained cliched in Never Have I Ever 2, but then, weren’t you in for a teenage drama? Aren’t most teenage dramas about… what’s that? Drama??? I agree, the love triangle continues, the fights, the goof ups, the apologies, and the makeups, that’s still there. But there are so many underlayers to the story of this season that’ll connect you to the characters on an emotional level. How? Let’s find out.

Never Have I Ever 2 Review

never have i ever season 2

So, yes, the Never Have I Ever 2 also begins with the famous, Mc Enroe’s fabulous narration with double the amount of punchlines. The timing, the pitch, and the tone keep you going with the flow of Devi’s(Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) internal process of feeling, thinking, and doing the unthinkable. Of course, he hands over the narration of one episode to Gigi Hadid, who voices for Paxton (Darren Barnet).

We won’t go much into the cast of Never Have I Ever 2, because most of the characters are the same, but for a few additions. You can read more about the cast in our season 1 review of Never Have I Ever. 

Of course, one name worth adding to this cast list is Megan Suri who plays Aneesa Qureshi on the show.

Must add here, that we could really connect with the episode titles, like always.

So, if everything is like always, what’s new in Never Have I Ever 2? It’s the growth!

The first season ends on the note of Devi finally accepting her father’s death, overcoming the paralysis, and being stuck in a love triangle between Ben and Paxton. Although, the show ends with her kissing Ben soon after she spreads her father’s ashes with her Mother, Nalini, and cousin, Kamala. While she continues to miss her father terribly in season 2, all the while still fighting with her mother, we see Devi mature with situations this time.

never have i ever 2 spoiler alert


Tiny spoiler alert ahead! 


Devi is confused about who she should date knowing that both Ben and Paxton like her. Ben gets her and Paxton… well, it’s Paxton! She’s got to like him. Her decision thereafter becomes one of the major plots on the show, with both teenage boys lashing out at her in their own ways. But fate puts Paxton and Devi back together in one room. Why? We’re not giving that away! (We said tiny spoilers…)

Across the episodes, Devi continues to disappoint people, fetching her the name “Crazy Devi.” Her only positive hope, her therapist, Dr. Jamie Ryan (Niecy Nash), and her father’s voicemail. Dr. Jamie suggests that Devi plays some soothing music every time she feels she’s going to spew regrettable words. Those moments when Devi closes herself before doors to listen to her father’s voicemail calling her “the perfect girl” give her courage, strength, and calm.

On the other hand, Kamala, Devi’s super hot cousin is going well with her arranged marriage boy, only until he says something that upsets her. The season ends with Kamala doing something the audience will only learn about in season 2(if there is one!

never have i ever 2 netflix

Some weak moments in Never Have I Ever 2

Like we said before, Devi continues to mess up even in Never Have I Ever 2 in the same manner. Fights and misunderstandings with her friends Fabiola and Elanor, picking between Ben and Paxton, while still being a Grade A student. She overcomes the fear of moving to India for her mother’s sake, only to learn that it wouldn’t happen after all.

There came some points when it didn’t feel new. The situations were new, of course, but the plot didn’t. Devo continues to be her usual self, breaking rules, hurting people, and then apologizing to them.

The Dying Relationship that Lived on Forever

What we loved about Never Have I Ever 2

Season 2 connects with the viewers on a whole new level. Devi resorting to her father’s voicemails, feeling guilty about hurting people, and her apologies make one feel closer to Devi and the others. There’s a teary smile every time she listens to her father’s voicemail, melting our hearts for this confused teenager who simply wants to be seen, found, heart, and healed!

Remember we spoke about growth? We saw it! In season 1, Devi messed things up and made up for it. But in Never Have I Ever 2, we see Devi mature into a beautiful soul and person. Her apologies come from the heart, and what we see this time is how Devi is actually able to empathize with people than just doing the right thing.

Devi’s sessions with Dr. Jamie Ryan have a blooming effect on her. The things Dr. Jamie says in Never Have I Ever 2 makes so much more sense to Devi than in season 1 when she hardly started accepting her father’s loss. Everyone expected Devi to be perfect but no one really understood how she felt about it. Season 2 takes us closer to Devi’s feelings, and the things she really felt.

A very good example of this is when she finds our Nalini, her mother is seeing someone (someone very hot). Devi’s reaction to this is much like every other child’s, seeing their parent move on from the one they lost. But if not for this fallout, the two of them wouldn’t have finally bonded on this season (oh come one! It’s a tiny spoiler).

never have i ever 2 review

The things that Dr. Jamie says to Devi, going down to her level of pain, talking to her about the reason for her paralysis, and the things she did and thought wrong, make Devi feel reborn in a mature world. Her decision with Paxton in the final episodes is a classic example of her living to become her father’s “perfect girl.”

There’s a scene, when Devi dreams of her father, asking if he was disappointed in her( after all, she spread a terrible rumor about Aneesa, that even gets her sus… not completing that!) Oh, and yes, she did break Ben and Paxton’s hearts. She tells her father, “You keep calling me a perfect girl, which I am not,” (somewhere on these lines). But her father saying that she’s perfect for him, not perfect all the time makes Devi see above and beyond only her flaws.

Nalini calling Devi “crazy,” much like everyone else at school hits Devi hard. And that’s where we see Devi becoming the “perfect girl” that she is than simply going by the rules of right and wrong.

The super-fun dialogues, a few make-out scenes, and loads of drama make Never Have I Ever 2 an absolute delight. There’s a sudden hit of comedy even in the most serious scenes, lightening the viewers up and bringing them back into an entertainment zone.

Never Have I Ever 2: The Next Level

Seeing Devi take her life to the next level in Never Have I Ever 2 makes us want to pronounce this season as an absolute watch. The series now streaming on Netflix is just what you need to unwind after a tiring day, get an insight into the life of a teenager today, and a beautiful whirlwind of emotions.

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