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MIMI Review: A Comic/Tragic Surrogacy Case

Mimi, starring Kriti Sanon, Pankaj Tripathi, and Sai Tamhankar is now streaming on Netflix and Jio cinemas. The film’s release date was planned as a gift for Dinesh Vijan and Kriti Sanon on their respective birthdays. The audience was in a big surprise as the makers of Mimi released the film four days earlier than its premiere date 30th July. Here’s our take of the movie in our post- Mimi Review.

The film is divided into two parts- A happy schedule and a sad schedule. The first part was easier because the only thing Kriti Sanon had to do was pick up the accent and mannerism. But in the second part, she had to put on 15 kgs to look pregnant from the face.

The movie is full of a rollercoaster ride of emotions, from humor to rage, to tears of sadness or lovingness. Mimi is basically a young Indian girl who agrees to become a surrogate mother for an American couple. The phase further shows the social and emotional challenges faced by Mimi after the American couple refuses to accept the child.

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Mimi Review

Mimi is a true-based remake of the story by Laxman Utekar. After ages, we have come across a story as such on an OTT platform. The trailer, that released earlier in June, revealed that Kriti plays the role of surrogate mother for an international couple after she learns that she will receive 20 lakhs for carrying the baby. What makes us more curious is- is the film based on a true story? 

The film is a loose remake of the 2010 Marathi film titled “Mala Aai Vhhaychy,” which translates to “ I Want To Be a Mother” Samrouddhi Porey. The film deals with the idea of surrogacy and raises the question of if the child is more hers who gives birth or hers who cares. Porey reveals that this is a true story based on a case she learned during her career as a lawyer. Hence Porey has not shared details more specifically.

Here it follows the same story but Mimi’s dream of becoming an actor is a new addition not featured in the original film. It explores a beautiful journey between a woman who never wanted to be a mother and someone who can’t wait to be a one.

The movie is constructed to reflect the society we live in and educate the public about the responsibilities of parenthood. Mimi is a great attempt at bringing a social taboo like surrogacy to the center stage. However, in order to make it appealing to the masses, the makers went overboard and bollywoodised it to the extent that it became melodramatic beyond our appetite. 

Mimi combines the thorny issue of surrogacy with some breezy comedy. There are some assuming moments and punchlines so good, they will be revised later. Even in the serious moments, the filmmakers have included a comic delivery. For instance, in the scene where Mimi’s parents find out that she is pregnant and ask who the father is, she points the finger to Bhanu, and an amusing background score follows.

In the second half of the film, we see the real struggle of a woman portrayed through the character of Mimi, grappling with the societal pressures of being a single, surrogate mother. The audience, along with Mimi, tends to question the fairness of the society we live in.

According to our Mimi review, the story does send out a beautiful message, but it’s not completely on board with our thoughts. Pankaj Tripathi shines, as usual, gaining the title, “The King of OTT.” Kriti Sanon also gives her best on this series that is now streaming on NETFLIX.

mimi movie

Other artists like Supriya Pathak, Manoj Pahwa, Evelyn Edwards, and Aidan Whytock also perform to the best of their abilities given the script.

After the onslaught of underwhelming, Mimi comes up with a welcome break- a film you can sit and enjoy, A film that has a positive feel to it from Mimi’s “never give up” attitude to the Hindu-Muslim unity shown between Mimi and Shama. Every Mimi needs a friend like Shama who can stand with her in every phase of life, who knows more than you know yourself. We all need a friend like Shama.

Some of the things that went a little off-track according to our Mimi review post was how the movie seemed like it could have ended sooner, and went on to mix more than one message. Of course, the legal issues of surrogacy, upon which the makers could have highlighted more than making it an all-drama movie was missing, turning into lanes of messages on adoption.

Not to forget, some of the dialogues were simply too old-school for the 21st century. While some people complained about how it isn’t fair for people to abandon a baby with a mental disorder, unfortunately, it’s true. But what wasn’t fair was the real parents coming back years later, claiming to be suicidal, and then threatening to take legal action, all because the baby was normal.

Another thing that didn’t go down well with us was how Mimi agreed to give up the baby so he wouldn’t have to go to court. So, when the child grows up, wouldn’t he have to answer questions about his father? When she could fight a conservative society to accept a surrogate baby, why not take on the legal battle? Of course, it’s a hard win since the baby was technical the foreign couple’s, but who gives up like that when the entire village is literally backing you?


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Further in our Mimi review, we’ve got you the storyline of the movie. So, spoiler alert!

Mimi, a small-town girl of Rajasthan is a famous dancer in her town. She is a girl who dreams of becoming an actor in Bollywood and shifting to Mumbai. One of her contacts, Jolly, helps her fulfill her dreams on the condition that she pays him lakhs of rupees, a condition not so easy to fulfill.

On the other hand, Bhanu, a driver, meets an American couple(John and Sara) who’re seeking a surrogate mother who is fit and healthy. Bhanu takes the couple to a place where Mimi dances. The couple is quite impressed by Mimi and tells Bhanu to convince her to be a surrogate mother. The couple promises Bhanu that if he succeeds in convincing Mimi they will pay him 5 lakhs. Everything works out well, and the couple promise to pay Mimi 20 lakh rupees for carrying their baby.

Mimi, who is worried about her figure, asks Dr. Asha, and with fantasizing sarcasm asks Mimi “ Was Shilpa Shetty’s figure spoiled?” And agrees to go ahead with the surrogacy procedure. The wait to find a positive test result begins!

Worries about what she will tell her family, Mimi decides to live at Shama’s house for nine months so she could hide her bally from her family and society at large. 

Everything goes on well with the pregnancy, and Kriti walks around like a happy mother, with no connection with the baby yet whatsoever. 

Problems occur when the doctor informs the couple about how the baby is showing signs of Down Syndrome. The couple gets freaked out and decides not to take that baby and informs Bhanu that they don’t want the baby anymore and suggest Mimi undergoes an abortion.

Mimi feels disheartened and rejects the idea of abortion and decides to carry the child. But by then, everyone in the town knows Mimi is carrying, and she lies to her parents that the child is Bhanu’s, who stands with her as a pillar, knowing what happened wasn’t right. 

This creates more problems as Bhanu already has a wife in Delhi whom he hasn’t met for many months. Chaos and confusion ensue when Bhanu’s wife and his mother come to Jaipur to meet Bhanu at Mimi’s house. Eventually, Mimi cleans up the surrogacy confusion and tells her parents the truth about the couple and the surrogacy procedure. Mimi’s parents wholeheartedly accept Mimi and her unborn child. 

Mimi gives birth to a healthy boy named Raj, revealing that the earlier test result was a false positive. She becomes deeply attached to Raj and puts a hold on her dreams and takes care of him. Shama and Bhanu continue to be a major part of Raj’s life as he grows up in Mimi’s home. However, after years, the couple (John and Summer) return to Mimi’s place after seeing an online video of Mimi and Raj and confess their mistake and request Mimi to give back their child.

Mimi confronts them and denies giving back raj but John threatens legal action as Mimi has signed a contract for surrogacy and has no legal right on raj as long as she was paid for her work. Bhanu and Mimi’s parents were ready to fight against the couple but Mimi rejects the notion and decides to give Raj back to the couple.

Mimi, Bhanu, shama, and her family meet the couple on the day of their departure to send Raj off with them but are surprised to see John with a baby girl whom they adopted as their daughter. It is then revealed that while coming back from Mimi’s house, the couple came across an orphanage and felt a connection with a girl named Tara and decided to adopt her. Summer explains how after seeing Mimi with Raj, she realized that parenthood has nothing to do with the blood but everything to do with love and care.

The way Kriti has played the role of a mother is amazing. She has shown every emotion of a mother very nicely. A mother and a child’s relationship is the most special, beautiful, caring, and lovely. I could see how Mimi leaves her dream for Raj and loves him unconditionally.

This movie has touched many hearts, with a few loopholes, of course. Kriti Sanon has really struggled for her look in Mimi with a baby bump. She portrayed several emotions, love, passion and I am sure that no one could ever play this role better than her.

Kriti Sanon plays her part beautifully and this could be one of her better performances. Her character matures throughout the film. And the transition we see is of a dreamy, taken-away from reality dancer to a woman who embraces motherhood and faces society unapologetically.

The star of the show is also Pankaj Tripathi, who effortlessly plays someone who lies through the teeth quite fantastically. His dialogues and acting hit the spot, making him an easy highlight of the film. Sai Tahmankar feels quite comfortable in her role.


So, here’s our Mimi review. What do you think? Are you going to watch it?

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