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Love & You: Zodiac Tarot Predictions for September 2020

If you are here because you read Tarot Predictions, then you probably strongly believe in this universal emotion. Love is all around us. It is there in all forms. From feeling it through the home-cooked food to receiving a text from your friends; love can be experienced if you are mindful of it. All you need to do is to embrace it with open arms.

Yet at times even when you want to feel love, you may accidentally reject it or not acknowledge it. This may happen because either you are pre-occupied with your thoughts or miss out on catching the subtle signals. And, each sun sign has a different way to approach love.

In this article, I am bringing to you Tarot predictions on how each Zodiac sign will approach Love in this September month. These predictions will help you understand everything that is in store for you as love knocks your door.

(We realize that these predictions should have reached you at the beginning of this month. But owing to unforeseen circumstances, we couldn’t publish this piece in time. Although, we’re only half a month through; it’s still not too late!)

Love & You: Zodiac Tarot Predictions for September

Aries Tarot Card: The Miser & Postponement

Aries tarot for september

Love is finding its way into your life but some of the Aries flocks are holding themselves from receiving it. Either you are shying away from expressing love or are afraid to express your feelings. It may be a difficult process to show your real feelings, but according to my love tarot predictions, I say, give it a chance.

On other hand, if you an Arian already in love, you may end up delaying acting or taking the chance of moving to the next level. Now that you have these zodiac predictions, you can behave accordingly, isn’t it?

Taurus Tarot Card: Healing and Exhaustion

taurus- zodiac love predictions

The Taurus people walking towards the journey of love in this month will be focused on healing self, partners, or your relationships. A certain dynamic of your relationship may require attention. If you are single, your approach towards love will be to first heal yourself from past emotional hurt and then find love. Additionally, this process may cause you some tiredness and exhaustion. So, be ready to nourish yourself fully, especially in these physically trying times.

Gemini Tarot Cards: Participation and Creativity

gemini- tarot predictions

Gemini sun sign will be all ready to approach love with open arms this September. According to my tarot predictions, you may realize that there is little you can do without active help from others or involvement. So, stay open to explore what Love has in store for you. However, try approaching your feelings creatively. My zodiac predictions hint that this may help you decide the course of your existing relationship or even one that is yet to bloom.

Cancer Tarot Cards: Loneliness and Fighting

cancer tarot

As always, you Cancerians will choose to carve a way for love this September, but without any help. Put all your past experiences in implementation, and it will urge you to the next milestone of your destination. Although, I have a word of caution from my tarot predictions- watch out for your thoughts. You could either let them fuel your conflicts & doubts or use them to go further.

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Leo Tarot Cards: Projections and Ordinariness

Leo love tarot

My dear Leo’s, what are you guys up to? Refrain from treating your love life like ordinary. When the feeling itself is special, why not the way you treat it? Pay heed to my tarot predictions for you- give it time, give it care. You are approaching your love life full of pre-set assumptions and expectations. Having certain expectations isn’t wrong but you shouldn’t be quick to project the same on your partner. My suggestion? Approach your love life with a balance of emotions and practicality.

Virgo Tarot Cards: Compromise and Politics

virgo love tarot

Virgos will be in a mood to compromise for anything or everything in name of Love this month. You will be approaching your love life from a viewpoint of seeking calm and peace with a continuous adjusting scheme. While you are at it, don’t forget to get a fact check about the person before you are considering before you go for all or none attitude. Your zodiac predictions may sound hard, but it’s not really if you give yourself and your love enough time.

Libra Tarot Cards: Maturity and Playfulness

libra tarot predictions

It is all under control, Librans, and that is the best of my tarot predictions for this September! You are rocketing ahead in your love lives with a 360-degree perspective and with lots of liveliness. Keep moving forward with this approach and you will attract love in abundance.

Scorpio Tarot Cards: Suppression and The Source

scorpio love tarot

Scorpio’s are best known for keeping their feelings to themselves and being secretive. But, this trait of yours is making you look at your love life with a glass of burden and suppression. My tarot predictions for this month suggest that you may end up indulging in negative thoughts when it comes to your relationship. Focus on yourself and reality. Speak up and have a clear conversation with your loved ones.

Sagittarius: Schizophrenia and Completion

saggitarius love

You guys have got many options when it comes to your love life. Ergo, it causes more confusion as you may find yourself puzzled about making a choice. But, this September, you are determined to take active steps towards transforming your life. By doing so, you will achieve the desired result that you are waiting for. A strong love and tarot dynamic, isn’t it?

Capricorn: Abundance and Integration

capricon zodiac predictions

Look what my tarot predictions say- apparently, Capricorn’s have/will hit jackpot in their love life this month. You may have it all – love, romance, understanding, care, trust, and respect. The equation couldn’t be better: you give it and you receive it with all your heart. This will help your relationship become stabler and stronger.

Aquarius: Rebirth and Slowing Down

Aquarius love

This month, take a break. You have been working hard all along to ace the perfect love life. You have kept yourself submerged imagining your fairytale love story. But change the pattern this September. Approach your love life by putting your thoughts at rest. If you have faith in my tarot predictions, then believe that all the time and thoughts you invested in the past will all come back for good.

Pisces: Adventure, Innocence, and Breakthrough

pisces love tarot predictions

Here’s to another sun sign in the house who will achieve it all! What started for you as a casual game of seeking fun and adventure may turn into a serious job this September. You will be approaching your love life with feelings of excitement, risks, and with the trial of novel new things. At the same time, you will continue to carry your usual wise innocent soul along. For singles, there are high chances for a relationship to come through. You Pisceans will experience major shifts in your love lives. What’s the icing on the cake from my tarot predictions- marriage and or a term-relationship is on the card.


Conclusion of my Tarot Predictions for September

love and tarot predictions september

That’s all folks! I hope these predictions aid you in understanding how these love situations can be for you and your partner. If you take it well, then you could use this to enrich your love life this month. Overall, it does seem like a pretty positive ‘love-filled’ month for many. And those who see it coming hard, you still have hope to cling to, because, your tarot predictions will alter next month. Life only gets better when we want it to. What say?

About the Nikita Dudani- Tarot Expert & Consultant and Reiki Master

Tarot Expert & Consultant and Reiki Master

A resident of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Nikita Dudani is a Psychotherapist and counselor with Maanas The Inside Story. Being an intuitive kid lead her to expand her horizons in the spiritual world. Nikita is a Tarot Reader and Reiki Master for the last six years. Her strong areas in Tarot reading are to reach the root cause of a problem/situation/questions through Tarot and/or combining Tarot with other healing modalities.

Nikita Dudani established her brand Aakruti Tarot and Reiki Centre in the year 2015 to help people with 360-degree healing guidance and insights. Her key focus is to help people in all aspects of life by providing them with needed solutions and spiritual guidance.

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*Disclaimer: The above predictions are based on a generic and overall reading for each Zodiac.*

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