Love Letters to Michael- Dilemma & Distance!

Love letters are one of the most obvious declarations of love that ever existed. The giddy feeling of pouring your heart out in a letter, describing every sentiment that you get when you think of that person, waiting eagerly for their reply to your letters – this is one age-old tradition that hasn’t changed, even if a lot about the whole idea of love has. Love letters are classic, authentic, and timeless – they are forever! This story, Love letters to Michael, is a stunning tale about love, letters written to a loved one, and two people who realize that their love can be forever but they cannot. It’s a riveting story of love, heartbreak, and fate meddling between two lovers. It questions the notion of ‘Love Conquers All’ but at the same time, it showcases the type of love that is self-sacrificing and selfless. Love letters to Michael bespeak the kind of love that looks for the betterment of your lover’s life above everything else. Whether you can be with the person forever or not doesn’t come in the way of such a love. Fight for Love- Soldiers and the Girl Saints We do not want to keep you from the story much longer. Here’s Love Smitten’s original heartwrenching love story- Love Letters for Michael! Love Letters to Michael Dear Michael, I got your love letter! Hope you’re doing well. I can’t say the same for me though. Frankly, everything’s been a blur. Mother is adamant that I get married as soon as possible, but Father says the church is very busy nowadays. I’m relieved because I don’t want to get married. At least, not to someone who’s not you. I mean, Tyler is a great person and everything, but he doesn’t get me the way you do. I’m not in love with him. And I don’t think he’s in love with me either. My parents don’t seem to see it the way I do, though. They say that you’re not, I quote, “of equal social standing and status and thus, not worthy” of me. Just because your parents own a tea shop! I mean, so what? I happen to think that tea planting is very cool. I hear them talking about Tyler and me now. They’re gushing about how cute we look together. It just feels wrong when they talk about us like that. Oh, how I wish you could be here now. Oh no, they’re talking about paying the church extra money in order to bring forward my marriage. I have to go now. When are you coming back? Love, Alexia. P.S: It’s day one, and I think I can get through this. _____________ Dear Michael, I rushed up to my room right after I got your letter. I’m glad my parents aren’t in; they would have suspected something if they saw the way I reacted when Candice (you know, our scullery maid?) handed me your love letter, saying there was a foreign address written on the back. I’m glad you’re safe. Even if you can’t tell me why you had to leave so urgently, and for such a long time, I’m still happy that you’re writing to me. Tyler’s been busy lately managing his trading company, so he hasn’t been stopping by as much. I’m not the one complaining though. Mother is making a huge fuss over the wedding date. I hope the church continues to have a full schedule and no one bails at the last moment. Because I know my mother, and even if the only available date was tomorrow, she’d grab the chance and put something together quickly. Candice has been really sympathetic to me. She’s been encouraging me all the time. I really feel better knowing that I can count on someone else, other than you of course. I’ve got to make this a quick letter because I have to send it out before my parents get back from their dinner with the mayor. You still haven’t told me when you’re returning. Love, Alexia. P.S: It’s day three, and I’m doing alright. Eager for your love letter but alright. ____________ Dear Michael, WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE GOING TO TAKE THIRTY DAYS TO COME BACK HOME? Not much love this time, Alexia. P.S: By my calculations, this means I have to spend another 20 days without you. I’m starting to feel a little not alright. _________________ Dear Michael, I apologize for my outburst, but the very thought of having to spend another 20 days without you is just depressing. Mother is already stressing me out with details about the wedding, and she’s making me go for all these fittings. She also asked me to write the invitations (truthfully, I just chuck them under my pile of books and ignore them). Frankly, all I want to write are these love letters to you. I don’t even want to get married. I haven’t even gotten to know Tyler that well. Which reminds me, do you remember how we met? I met you at the lake, remember? You were painting the view and I was basking in the peaceful serenity of the place. It was really an accident, wasn’t it? Just think, if the wind hadn’t blown your painting away and it hadn’t landed near the spot I was, we wouldn’t have met at all. It was fate, wasn’t it? Luck brought us together, and I’m willing to bet fate dictates that we will stay together. Forever. If fate says otherwise, I really don’t know what I’d do without you. Thirty days. I could last ten days without you, I could last fifteen, maybe twenty. But thirty is just… too long! Oh, do say that you’ll come back home early! I’m afraid I might not last thirty days without you. Love, Alexia. P.S: It’s day ten, and I’m holding up, but barely. _____________ 7 Ways to Apologize Creatively after a Big Fight! Dear Michael, Why did you take so long to reply to my last letter? Your love letters are all I have to keep me sane. It’s awful. Three days ago, my mother told me that my wedding date will be here really soon. Seventeen days after to be precise! So you better come back after your thirty days are up. Because, if I’m not wrong, the day after your return is the day I’m supposed to get married to Tyler. And I really don’t want to. Of course, I tried arguing with my mother, but you know her too; it’s quite impossible to convince her to do something she doesn’t want to. I miss you, Michael. I really do. What are you doing so far away anyway? Australia is so far from London; are you sure you can make it back in time? Because it’s for you I want to walk down the aisle, not Tyler. Please say you’ll come home sooner. I need you. Oh, and, be careful of the sea down there! I hear they have sharks. Love, Alexia. P.S: It’s day thirteen, and I’m still wishing that you’re here with me. You, not these love letters, although they are an okay replacement. ___________ Dear Michael, My mother told me to go to the wedding tailor’s house again today. I couldn’t stand it. I ran up to my room. I cried. Hard. I don’t know if I can do this anymore. Before you left, I told you I would be alright without you here. I take those words back. I need you next to me right now, to hold me, and tell me everything is going to be alright. I hate the fact that I can’t see you in person, breathe in your scent, and feel your warm embrace. All I have of you are these love letters. Please, come back. I can’t hold it together anymore. Love, Alexia. P.S: It’s day fifteen, and I’m not fine. _______________ Dear Michael, Tyler knows. That I don’t really want to marry him. Love, Alexia. P.S: It’s day twenty one. I’m okay and I’m anticipating the day you return more than ever. ____________ Dear Michael, Sorry about the short letter. I didn’t want to risk writing a long love letter that might have gotten intercepted by my mother (she was out in the back garden, and a short letter would have meant that I could get the letter to the post carrier before she returned to the house). That day, Tyler dropped by and we well… took a walk. He wanted to go to the lake, and I really didn’t want to make him think as though the lake held special meaning for me or anything, because I knew he would try to guess what it was. We sat on the bench by the huge umbrella-shaped tree, and we were silent. Out of the blue, he said, “So, who’s the lucky guy?” I froze. “What?” I said. “It’s quite obvious, at least to me. So, who is it?” “There’s no guy,” I replied, fiddling with my fingers. He was insistent. “I can tell from the way you behave around me,” he smiled. “Don’t deny it.” Well, I decided to make a clean breast of it, so I confessed about you, and how I really didn’t want to get married to him. He told me that even though there was nothing he could do about you, he said he would give me up as long as you come back before the wedding. Which, he said, was highly unlikely. I just smiled and didn’t tell him that you were coming back the day before the wedding. I hope you’re nervous now. See, if you don’t come back soon, I’m going to be married to another man! Doesn’t that make you feel something? I know I told you I can last till you come back, but the thirty days just seems to stretch on and on forever. I feel as though I’m going to die any minute, but right now, all I can think about is you. And that is enough to keep me alive, for now. Love, Alexia. P.S: It’s day twenty-three, and I’m holding on. ___________ Dear Michael, Just a few more days till you come back home! Your last love letter said you were on the outskirts of London. Well hurry up, would you? I can hardly wait to see your face again. Wedding preparations are in full speed now. My father’s busy running everywhere. My mother is probably more excited than me. I’m just pretending to be ecstatic about the marriage when in fact, this happiness is due to the fact that I’m going to see you soon. Hurry home to me, Michael! Love, Alexia. P.S: It’s day twenty-five. I know I’m going to survive because you’re going to be with me again soon. ____________ Dear Michael, I hope you feel better. Don’t worry too much about the migraines; I get them too. Drink lots of water, alright? See a doctor after you come back. I’ll show you my wedding gown when you’re here. It’s hanging in my room now, waiting for the day that I wear it – a day that will probably never arrive. Candice says I should take it with me when I elope with you. I’m sorry, I had to tell her. She would have guessed anyway; she was always good at these things. Wait, that’s what we’re doing, right? Eloping? I hate to tell you this Michael, but I’m scared. I’m scared that you won’t allow me to stay with you because of some ridiculous reason. Or maybe, what if you get tired of me? What if something happens, and I have to last more than thirty days without you? An eternity maybe? I don’t know what I would do, but I know I wouldn’t be able to survive. I mean, I already feel as if I’m going to die, and you’re only gone for thirty days. So please, don’t tell me you’ll leave me. Say you’ll stay … Continue reading Love Letters to Michael- Dilemma & Distance!