Love-Hate Relationship Of Every Woman With Her Periods

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Hemali Adhiya


Did you just read the title more than once to confirm if your eyes weren’t misleading you? Well, you read absolutely right, and I’m sure, that by the end of this article, you’ll agree. Let me spill some beans about my article on the love-hate relationship of every woman with her periods before you judge me. While many women might find it amusing, the ones who don’t wish to have a child right now will agree the most. That said, there’s nothing against babies; it is just for those in that phase of their life when they don’t want one!

So you are either married, or in a committed relationship; your sexual life is active, and life couldn’t be more flawless. There’s no error there until the menstruation saga begins. I mean come on, I think most of us women have screamed ‘I hate my periods’ at least once in our lives, haven’t we? We have more reasons to hate our periods, than to love it, for sure! In fact, maybe no reason to love it just as yet.



Hate Relationship

The period’s pain is one thing that brings the worst of our behaviors and moods. Speaking of moods, any thoughts about PMS? The irritating bloating & swelling, the irrational anger, the unstoppable tears or just the need to chomp on chocolates… that’s all just urrghhh even when thinking about it!



Seasons like monsoons and summer make periods seem all the more like a curse with you worrying about the sweat and the rains! Moreover, I live in a country, where people still find it amusing for women to buy sanitary napkins or tampons. They wrap it up like it’s a crime for others to see what’s in your bag. And god forbid if you are at a supermarket, then some sleazy men find it rather ‘hawww’ to see something like that in your cart. Don’t you just want to walk up and ask, ‘When do you plan to grow up?’

I cannot ever forget the day my mother and sister told me all about a female body. They sat me down in a room and told me exactly what happens. My jaw dropped, and I glared at them without batting an eyelid. Well, back then, falling down and getting a gentle scratch seemed like a near-death experience to us. Imagine someone telling you that you’re going to bleed every month, until your much older! Soon the topic of menstruation cycle hit every corridor in school because we had all got the ‘period’ talk around the same time.



Cannot forget how I and my bestie were jealous of the first girl in class to have her periods. ‘What does that mean anyway, that she is more mature than us?’ You know that feeling don’t you when you finally want to feel like a grown-up and cannot wait for this process to start. Little did we know back then, that we were awaiting years of hormonal changes and its symptoms thereby!

Love Relationship

I so know that I’ve got your full attention here. I mean, love your periods? Well, that feeling doesn’t surface until you are in a committed, physical relation or are married. It’s too soon for your marriage to move to the next level, and that is clear between your partner and you. On the other hand, not every committed relationship does want to lead a pregnancy. Well, in India, it doesn’t happen much!

And then one fine month, bam! It’s that time of the month, and your periods are late. They won’t delay when you have to take a trip. They are never late around a family function. And its absolutely on time even if it is the middle of the night. But no sooner does your body know that all’s good in the hood, it shoots its master plan. One particular month, your period is late, but the symptoms are all there; now you start to overstress.

i hate periods


Of course, we have to check with Dr. Google, who will be glad to diagnose, that the symptoms for periods and the other dangerous ‘P’ a.k.a. pregnancy is the same! We call your trustworthy girl and tell her what’s happening. Believe you me, she’s of no help either. ‘Relax; it’s late because you’re stressing. Take a chill’. Sounds familiar? That’s because they say the same thing every time!

Not wanting to risk it at all, we run to the store and get the home tests. It’s all normal, while your partner has joined your ‘stress party’ as well! Like we need it! Now tell me, wouldn’t we want anything more at that time than getting on the cycle? Wouldn’t you just love your periods if you got them the next day?



There you have it; our oh-so-dramatic love-hate relationship. We cannot do with it, and definitely not without it! What I do know is, It will continue to remain painful until it visits us, and will relentlessly cause us pain if it doesn’t as well. But at the end of the day, it’s a part of being a woman, and we cannot be prouder! Claim the mood swings, and let’s just enjoy every aspect about this loving hatred relationship; shall we?


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