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Netflix’s Love Hard Review| Predictable much?

Oh oops… Did my title give away too much info already? Too bad! I behaved just like the movie itself, I believe, with a story you can predict half an hour into watching it. Love Hard by Netflix isn’t the kind of rom-com we need as we embrace ourselves for the festive season.

But was there romance? Uh, kinda. Was there comedy? Maybe, a little here and there. Worth a watch for the hopeless romantics? Let’s find out!

Love Hard Plot!

netflix's love hard movie review

Natalie, a writer bored with life and what she writes, looks out for fancier opportunities to shine- at work and in her love life. Fed up with garnering fans and her boss’ praise based on her series of disastrous dating. This series, is, of course, inspired by her actual dating life. But she had to swipe right at some point and someone had to replicate her heart’s desire.

Little did she know that a handsome man awaits on the other side of the phone, Josh Jimmy O. Yang.)

Okay, have to say, watching him is always a treat, isn’t it, girls? You remember Devi’s crush, don’t you? (Devi who? You have to watch Netflix’s Never Have I Ever if you haven’t. Here’s a quick review.- Season 1 | Season 2  

Coming right back to Netflix’s Love Hard plot- Josh comes across as the oh-so-perfect man, who’ll stay up talking to her, send her proofs of existence with pictures, and also make Natalie feel like she’s the most lovable person he’s known. Too good to be true? We thought so too! Come Christmas season, and Natalie decides to surprise Josh and travels 3000 miles to take things further with him. 

Bam! Nope, no accidents… not the road one, at least! Natalie undergoes a dating accident- she gets catfished! Tag (Darren Barnet) shows up in the house that Josh claimed was his. Only that, it wasn’t really Josh, and Tag was misusing Josh’s picture to find someone he could love! Even though a house full of warmth and acceptance, Tag’s house wasn’t what Natalie wanted. 

love hard review

Apologies and explanations later, Natalie learns that Josh and Tag once went to the same school when she spots him at a bar. She agrees to become Tag’s pretend girlfriend if Tag instead helped her win Josh’s attention. Several episodes of almost getting caught later, Natalie finally confesses to everyone how she’d been faking her love for Tag and also lying to Josh about why she was there in the first place. By then it also becomes evident that Tag secretly loves Natalie because it was her he connected with over the calls. 

And then comes the last of the predictable part- Natalie runs back to… let’s not do that! We have to have some strong principles about spoilers, and so far, we’ve not given away any in our previous reviews

Love Hard Review 

Hernán Jiménez’s Love Hard movie on Netflix announces the oncoming festive season with a movie that speaks about dating disasters. But it’s not just the disaster in the movie that makes us go, “Is this worth it?” To be honest, we appreciate the pains that go behind creating a movie. But, at this age when creativity is so widely embraced and people keep waiting for more, indulging in a story that’s kind of cliche isn’t going to bring a lot of brownie points! 

love hard netflix

Love Hard is similar to several other romantic comedies in the past. While on the one side online dating has caught on as a trend, it also comes with many flaws (unfortunately). A newer approach or disaster to dating would’ve brightened the movie a lot more! Two themes stand out distinctly in the movie- one, there’s still the pressure and sadness of being single around the holidays and that looks do matter, especially, when you’ve been told you’re dating a hot guy! 

The entire drama of faking being someone’s girlfriend, that someone who is indeed in love with you to get help in exchange is a done and dusted concept, and Love Hard simply retells the same with a different set of actors. Speaking of which, we cannot steal credit by the wonderful job that they do! The easy story comes across with much passion because of the performance the artists give throughout the movie. 

The moments spent with Tag’s family in Love Hard are filled with warmth, family Christmas traditions, love, and acceptance. Undoubtedly, those moments bring a smile to our faces, although one does end up thinking how they cannot see things so clearly. 

Personally, no matter how good or unentertaining a movie is, there’s always something to take away from it. Netflix’s Love Hard is no different. Even though we can see what’s going to happen by the end of it, we still end up thinking about what it is like to chase someone who’s so different from us. Sometimes, in the desperation of getting the person to like us back, we become who we aren’t, putting two hearts into an unnecessary mess. 

movie review love hard

If not anything else, Love Hard does speak to us about how we should enjoy being our unique selves in a relationship and that finding someone who thinks they’d accept us for being as wonderfully weird we are and vice versa. Isn’t that true love, though? 

Love Hard the movie, although, could have done a lot better to impress the audience at a time when they’re set to plonk in front of the television and soak in the joys of the holidays. So, if you’re really into romantic comedies, watching the whole Christmas aura, or just want to laze in your PJ’s not looking for something intense or new, maybe you can give this one a watch. If you’re too busy this season, then, you could give it a skip.

Either way, let’s gear up for the festivities, shall we? 

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