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15 Ways to say ‘I Love You’ In Different Languages


Saying the three magical words to your special someone, or to anyone for that matter, sure does add a lot of magic into that relationship. In fact, I strongly believe that we should use this phrase more often to spread love and to add joy in people’s lives. Whether it is just to your favorite superstar, to your roommate for her midnight mania or to a neighbor who brings you your much-liked dishes. But variety is the spice of life and you should always up your game with something new! Let’s learn how to say ‘I Love You’ in 15 different languages.

I love you


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I Love You in Different Languages


Want to learn one of Asia’s most famous language? Let’s begin by saying I love you then! Here goes:

Wǒ ài nǐ

Pronunciation: Woh Aayi Ni


India’s national language is one of the sweetest languages to express your love.

मैं तुमसे प्यार करता हूँ 

Pronunciation: Main tumse bahut pyaar karti (female)/ karta (male) hu


seni seviyorum

Pronunciation: sini seviyoram


je t’aime

Pronunciation: jtem


Mahal kita

Pronunciation: Mahal Kita


kocham Cię

Pronunciation: Kokham Chya


Я люблю тебя

Pronunciation: YA lyublyu tebya


ik hou van jou

Pronunciation: Ik how won yow


Σε αγαπώ

Pronunciation: Se agapo

Spanish, Latin

te amo

Pronunciation: Te amo



Pronunciation: salanghae


i love you in different languages


Aku cinta kamu

Pronunciation: Aku chinta kamu


Anh yêu em

Pronunciation: An Yuh em



Pronunciation: Seretlek


te iubesc

Pronunciation: te yubesc

Surprise your loved ones by saying I love you in more than one language. Now you know sixteen, English and the above fifteen; isn’t that exciting? We hope that our version of the pronunciations is of help to you. Let us know how many did you find easy through comments!

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