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Friends Reunion Review- Laughter, Tears, and More!

It finally happened; the Friends reunion!

Every fan of the famous American SITCOM, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, shared their disappointment when the pandemic delayed the reunion in 2010. But our dearest Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey lived up to their promise. Come 2020 April; they blew our hearts in bits and pieces with a teaser, trailer, and announcement of the much-awaited Friends Reunion. The event was a historical one, and as a fanatical fan myself, I had to cover a Friends Reunion review.

Friends Reunion aired on televisions worldwide on the 27th of May, 2021, and took the internet by storm. Why wouldn’t that happen? Everyone wanted to watch it with the world and avoid the spoilers later. Having watched the series myself last night, it was finally time for the Friends Reunion review.

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Friends Reunion Review

friends reunion

Much like the series itself, the show ia full of laughter, tears, and so much more that even an hour and forty-five minutes seemed less. It all unfolds with a blank screen, stating that Matthew Perry, Jennifer Anniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt Le Blanc, Courtney Coz, and David Schwimmer were together on the sets only once after they shot the last episode. Now, seventeen years later, they’re coming back together, for us!!! Yay!

Only a true Friends fan, who has not watched the series like a show, but like a part of their lives will resonate with the heart-pounding feeling when reading these words. One cannot help screaming every time they walk onto the stage and explore it as they left it behind in 2004. The way they hugged one another made the experience feel complete!

Friends Reunion Idea

Even though not like the original series, the makers gave their all to make this Friends reunion a memorable one. The show has so many activities going on, including an interview with James Corden, who asks them questions we all wanted to know the answers to and shows them clips from the past ten seasons. The makers of the show, David Crane, Marta Kauffman, and Kevin S. Bright, also present in the audience, share the journey of how Friends began, the casting process, and some behind the scene stories.

The interview setting, I must say, is nostalgic- in front of the famous fountain where the six friends shot their opening credit song. Ghosh, they all looked so different. Of course, they’re seventeen years older than when the show ended, but it didn’t come in the way of reconnecting with either of them and that is the magic that the friends reunion enkindles.

Other parts of the show include recreating some of the remarkable scenes through a script reading. And the choice of the scenes they pick to re-enact, mind-blowing! They re-dosome memorable scenes like Phoebe finding out about Chandler and Monica from Ugly Naked Guy’s apartment, the narration of what happened at the beach with Chandler, Joey, and Monica, and of course, the scene that stole a million hearts, Ross and Rachel’s first kiss!

friends reunion game

The Friends reunion also includes a redo of the famous game that Rachel, Monica, Joey, Chandler, and Ross played, after which Rachel and Monica lost their apartment. This time, of course, they answer questions related to the show. Who wins? Watch to find out.

Tiny bits of evocations that the six of them share as they walk around the sets don’t wipe our faces’ smiles!

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Friends Reunion- Moments of Laughter

Some parts of the Friends reunion bring back so many memories of the show! The way Phoebe reads the scene with Rachel, it’s like, the scene came back to life. It is just like it was on the series. Rachel’s sudden screams from behind the counter at the coffee shop, only to speak of the wrong scene, sets everyone into ha-ha’s.

Chandler, a.k.a Matthew Perry, is the humor king on the show and in the Friends reunion, too. When Joey narrates how he once erased Monica’s lines to get her was so fun to watch. A lady from the audience also asked what the one thing the actors least liked on the show was, and Ross springs to answer how he disliked shooting with the monkey since he was so scared of it. Everyone else dissolved into laughter at Ross’s experience of shooting with the monkey, Marcel.

friends reunion cast

There is comedy, fall about, and loads of entertainment at the Friends reunion, but yet again, like the series itself, there are moments when you cannot hold back your tears. When they take a walk around, some of their items taken off from their set, they come across the furniture they all signed. Matt Le Blanc and David Schwimmer laugh uncontrollably when they see what Joey wrote seventeen years ago, and I quote, “I shit here.” (LOL)

And then, of course, there are the bloopers.

Friends Reunion- Teary-eyes Moments

Ghosh, there were moments when you cannot hold back your tears, one of which includes watching Ross walk onto the set first. It felts like, “Oh my God, it’s starting… it’s starting,” An AV of fans from around the world shared how the show changed their lives and how it helped them get past their most difficult days in life also stir up happy tears.

And as the Friends reunion nears its end, the six iconic stars share their experiences, make dinner plans, and cry… making us cry! When chandler (Matthew Perry) says, “I think I’m gonna cry now,” the world literally did! Another line that made people go fetching for tissues was when Monica (Courtney Cox) says, “This is not going to happen again in another fifteen years; this is it.” Damn… why?

Friends Reunion and the Surprises!

The Friends reunion special leaves no stone unturned to surprise fans, and sometimes, even the actors. Bringing back popular actors from the show like Richard (Tom Selleck), Janice (Maggie Wheeler), Mr. Heckles (Larry Hankin), and Jack and Judy Geller (Elliott Gould and Christine Pickles), is a source of amusement for everyone. Gunther (James Micheal Taylor couldn’t make it to the show, but he does join everyone to say a “Hi” through a Zoom call.

Jack Geller and Judy Geller

Another fabulous surprise on the Friends reunion special is the tiny bits of interview by other famous personalities like Kit Harrington, who calls himself a part of the “Geller” family, David Beckham, Malala, and Roose Witherspoon (Who plays one of Rachel’s sister on the show). Their experiences of watching/working on the show adds more excitement to the show.

James Corden also surprises the actors with a fashion show, where stars walk the ramp with some of the most famous dresses from the show. Model Cara Delevingne walks with oomph in Rachel’s Bridesmaid’s dress, but in the same way, Rachel did (oops)! Cindy Crawford walks on the Friends Reunion fashion show fashioning Ross’s leather pants, reminding us of one of Ross’s most memorable scenes.

And then (surprise surprise), Justin Bieber walks in, modeling Ross’s Sputnik Halloween costume, where he calls himself looking like a potato. But Bieber carries it off in style, making the audience and the stars themselves roar with excitement. Cara Delecinge walks back in Ross’s (once again) Holiday Armadillo outfit that he wore to teach his son, Ben, about Hannukah.

Then comes one of the cutest surprises on the Friends reunion special, Joey taking the ramp wearing all of Chandler’s clothes, ringing the bell, “Can I be wearing any more clothes?” He also lunged on the ramp to recreate what he once did, cracking up everyone on the set!

Lady Gaga’s surprise appearance on the show is so wow when she collaborates with Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) to perform the most famous Smelly Cat song! The way she thanks Phoebe for making “being different” so normal is a moment of “awww.”

Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga on Friends Reunion

The show reveals many more surprises of the things that happened backstage, but let’s avoid those spoilers.

The Friends Reunion special is a one-time thing, but it sure helps get closure on the show and how it ended, leaving us all thinking, “damn, what now?” Watching the people who stirred so many souls to get back together in this reunion, which is no less than a grand party, touches off ear-to-ear smiles to distressed people around the world. We laugh when they laugh and cry when they cry. If you’re a fan, there’s no way in the world you should miss this!

It would be so wrong to rate this Friends Reunion; it’s so not needed… all you need to do is gather your gang, and watch this special with your special ones! Don’t forget to leave us a like if you enjoyed reading this review, and do share it with every F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan in your circle. Stay subscribed. 🙂

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