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Fight for Love- Soldiers and the Girl Saints

The winter war, which was supposed to be brief belligerence according to wise men, stretched too far and too long. As other countries joined the war and took sides, death and destruction quadrupled. Ruins in and around homes that embraced happiness and love witnessed myriad life stories, burning and rotting carcasses, exploded war ammunition scattered everywhere, and bodily remains of innocent souls and crying humans was heart-wrenching. Since the loss of life was immense, young boys and women took guns to protect what was left. But nothing changed and the misery ensued. This is the story of the fight for love!

fight for love- the war

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Fight for Love- Soldiers and the Girl Saints

The situation took the worst forms. A platoon of thirty young boy soldiers aged between 15 to 18 stood melted and agonized by the horror of this war. And so, they decided to end it at any cost. These boys would fight the enemy during battles but would also care for the injured of both armies. They would help the sick & wounded and help the kids, the women, and the elderly. The fight for love started right from the beginning- the boys did not care about who they were helping. All they cared about was being most human as possible.

They traveled hundreds of miles crossing rivers. The water turned red from the blood of the war victims and the fields covered were with gun powder. The ruins and bodies were to reach Hogstead village; a village famous across the country for one of its residents- a well-known fortune teller, known for her prophetic vision. It was a road no one would think of crossing. Even the most strong-hearted man would faint on that trail. The brave soldiers too cried, even vomited several times, and had horrible nightmares wherever they stopped to take a brief nap. The misery of the ongoing war broke and tore their young hearts.

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Finally, when they reached Hogstead, they met the fortune-teller and told her about the war. The lady patiently listened to the boys; there was no change of expression on her wizened face. Even the narration of the most heinous war accounts had no impact on her. They went on to share their fight for love where they decided to help even When the boys finished, she smiled and offered them a potion. The first sip of that potion filled the boys with strength, hope, and energy. It was like a magic potion of positivity.

The lady told them that she knows a group of female saints who live and meditate near the northern mountains. Their connection to a higher power is so strong that they can help end the war for once and all. She advised them to head north and meet those saints. The old lady appreciated the boys for having so much love and compassion and
informed them that the saints only help innocent souls who have love, compassion, and positivity for all. After all, the soldiers were the Bravehearts who lived to fight for love.

An Encounter with the Saint Girls

The boys then started on their journey to the north. They encountered the same horrors they witnessed during their first voyage. But now, the boys were strong enough to not cry. As they moved on, the grouchy and terrible landscapes receded and the boys were greeted by the heavenly beauties. They were walking on earth but they felt like entering the gardens of the heavens. Beautiful lands and hills covered with lush green and sweet flowers lifted their spirits and their will to fight for love & humanity.

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At first, the young soldiers couldn’t believe that this part of their country was spared by the war. The summit was now near and visible. The boys knew that the home of female saints could be somewhere near. They started feeling a sudden urge to go towards a spot in the foothill. The urge was not negative or forceful. It was like a river’s call to the thirsty, a lover’s call to the neglected. The boys converged to the point of attraction. They saw thirty young girls sitting over thirty grey stones. All wearing kaftans, meditating with their eyes closed, mouths shut and their hands wide open. Who knew, their fight for love would take them to an attractive land?

The boys didn’t know whether to wait for them until they finished their meditation or intimate them about their presence.

They decided to wait, and did for hours, but the meditation lasted forever. In desperation, they broke the silence and requested help. One of the girls opened her eyes and greeted the young soldiers with a smile. “Welcome my dears. Tell me what brings you here?”

The boys narrated the accounts of the ongoing war and how devastating its effects have been on mankind, especially, in their country. The saint girl told them that the reason she woke up from her meditation was to simply listen to the innocence, compassion and love in their hearts. “We know all about your fight for love for the humankind. There is no trace of lust in your minds. Your hearts seem pure. I will help you.”

One of the boys from the platoon was curious about the girls living there in seclusion. The saint girl replied, “You see my friend, all these girls here where subjected to men’s oppression at some point in their life. They too have been victims of war crimes. We have all encountered horrible things…”

“You too?” One of the soldier’s asked surprised.

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“Yes. And so we decided to leave the hateful world behind and live here. An old sage who once lived here became our guide and helped us connect with God before manifesting himself into eternal form. Before leaving, he also told us that the day we meet honest, respectful men who have nothing to offer but love, and who want wars to end, all misery will come to an end. You warriors fight for love, and your presence reminded me of our guide.”

After a brief pause of allowing us to soak in the details, the young woman continued. “Believe it or not, but since you fight for love, and since you are the warriors to put an end to misery is why your arrival here was so difficult. You can now go back and see the beauty of the world return. You will witness change in the people.”

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The Big Change in the War

Saying so, she gave the boys a pleasing smile and went back to meditation. The soldiers couldn’t coundn’t contain their happines as they turned to return. When they were back to their town, they found out that the enemies were helping each other. Guns were at silence and men were re-constructing there homes. The young soldiers heaved a sigh of relief when they saw their enemies caring for the survivors by exchanging food & water.

It was a delight for them to see such a change in the people who once did not understand the fight for love- the fight for peace- the fight for humankind! The winter war had finally come to an end, and the wars ended and there would be no more wars.

But the boys had one more job to do to put an end to their fight for love! They had to go back to Hogstead and thank the lady. With enthusiasm in their spirits, they sped to meet the fortune-teller. Sadly, they learned of her mysterious disappearence. They couldn’t believe that she could just vanish like that. The boys marched to her house only to find a note addressed to them. It read-

The saint made another prophecy that you soldiers who fight for love should know. The saint girl did know about this revelation. He said, “If the thirty good men who meet the saint girls commit to love them for a lifetime, it will mark the freedom of the girls’ hardships.” 

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The Soldiers and their Love

The soldiers re-read the letter until they could believe what they read. They felt sorry for the girls who guided them to the end of their fight for love amongst humankind. Without any delay, they sped back to the northern mountains to find them again. But when they reached the place, the girls were gone too! After looking for them for a while, they sat in sorrow that they couldn’t offer their love to the innocent souls who helped them out of the destroying war.

Guilt took over their shattered hearts when heavenly voices distracted them. “My dear, I am glad that you loved me so much that you cared to come back for me. I too loved you dear. Never think that you are alone. Know that I will eternally look over you from above.”

The soldiers who met the end of their fight for love now shed tears over losing their first love. They returned and worked for the needy for the rest of their lives. Each of them vowed to love the saint girls in spirit, and to never marry anyone else again. The people of the town forever narrated the story of the Fight for Love- Soldiers and the Girl Saints to the generations that followed.

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