Feelings Of First Love- Have Things Changed?

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Feeling of First Love
Hemali Adhiya

Oh, those feelings one experiences when they fall in love for the first time; even though very different in a broad perspective, but yet something every person can relate to. Suddenly, the poet inside us pops out; life becomes more lively, days become brighter, and you will have a whole new romantic take about moonlight. Filmy or not, poetic or not, there’s nothing that can replace or erase the memories of the feelings of first love.

Feeling of First Love


Some of the above feelings may seem very old school to the generation because we do live in a digital world now. Of course, there is a wave of change in the way we express and conduct, but have the emotions changed too? Let’s talk about what has changed over time.

PDA replaces simple gestures like holding hands

Feeling of First Love


For some couples, setting goals for social media is their way of expressing love; this is how the concept of ‘couple goals’ has sprung into the world. I believe that if we did have digitalization during the times gone by, the maximum we could have done was holding hands in the fear of a relative snapping at our parents about it. With no problem with PDA personally, don’t you also think that a lot has changed here?

Digital Approach

Feeling of first love


Remember the time when you saw your first ‘someone’ for the first time, and you had to muster the courage for days and months until you could finally talk to one another? Gone and gone! There are a plethora of messengers, and EVERYONE is just a ping away. Flirting has become easy! What’s stopping you from finding your first love then?

No more Love Letters, No more Pigeon songs 

Feeling of First Love


You can say ‘I Love You’ to your special one every thirty seconds via these messengers; who cares for the love letters then? Receiving a letter in this era can be considered no less than a grandeur gesture to express love. When in the days of first love, we believe that efforts need to be evident; phones have made those efforts much easier!


first love feelings



Giving midnight missed calls on the landline, hiding underneath the heavy blanket, and hoping that your ‘true love’ will call you back, does any of this sound familiar? Definitely not the millennial kids! Phones phones everywhere, what’s the problem to connect? One needn’t give missed calls any longer; if you cannot talk, just chat! In fact, talk for hours, and then messaging, ‘Goodnight again my love’ is also an option now. Jealous already?

The younger lot and their first love! 

Feeling of First Love


Maybe the people from the 80’s waited until college to lift their eye and claim their story to be love at first sight. For the 90’s kids, couldn’t wait to get to high-school and then let the staring and wooing replace our cramming. And now here we are, college and high school is a myth. You fall in love when you fall in love, don’t you? Now, what can the little one do, if ‘she’ smiled back in the middle school itself?  The time one began to think about love has changed drastically, and things are happening uncontrollably sooner than you can imagine! What can the parents do? Educate and accept; exposure has its pros and cons too!

Nothing can take away from the fact that things have changed noticeably, but I refuse to believe that the feelings of first love have changed. That fire to be seen through PDA still represents that these two individuals are comfortable with one another just like people were with holding hands. Approaching someone requires guts, even if it is online; he could get blocked and shamed for all you may know!

Yes, the love letter concept has swept away with time, but wanting to still take time out, and express those emotions, that means something! And, what’s wrong with the connectivity anyway? If parents could want their children to stay in touch, what is the harm if two people in love stay in touch? Finding and staying with your first love is surely a mystery.

Feeling of First Love


The era will continue to change; there is no cease button to it. People are growing at an escalated rate, and the manner of everything will transform almost every day. What we should be relieved about is, there is still love around us! That means, there is still some hope, and that should keep us going. No matter which type of first love feelings you have had, or have, Love Smitten only believes that as long as it makes you happy, it is all good!

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