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8 Delightful Celebrity Pregnancy Announcements in 2020

We are going to bid a farewell to this blissful month of September just in a couple of days. This month has been a roller coaster journey commencing with some sizzling, heartbreaking poems and marking an end with emotional posts. Amidst all this chaos we were trying to discover a moment of joy. We found such a moment to behold in some celebrity pregnancy announcements.

Pregnancy is a serene phase of a woman’s life that brings joy to everyone. But breaking the news is always a task right? Balloons or ribbons?  Cakes or T-shirts? How to make this memory the most beautiful one? This question always hovers to-be-parents minds’. Today with our post of 8 Delightful Celebrity Pregnancy Announcements in 2020, let us explore together how these to-be-parents broke this joyous news to their fans and loved ones.

The best celebrity pregnancy announcement?

pregnancy- baby bump

There were so many pregnancy announcements that it got us dazzled. We were in an utter state of confusion. Which one to feature and which one to let go? It put us in a tight spot. But we finally came up with this list.

Couples generally try to keep the pregnancy under cover till 12 weeks and these celebrities are no exception. They efficiently put a barrier and stopped media from interfering with their privacy in these joyous moments. Some celebrities were speculated to be pregnant. But the couples attempted to keep the cat in the bag as long as they could.

There are Bollywood as well as Hollywood celebrities that are experiencing the heavenly phase of motherhood. Some are welcoming a second addition to the family whereas one is the lucky number for others. Without any further ado, let us see the 8 Delightful Celebrity Pregnancy Announcements.

Pregnancy Announcements by Bollywood Divas

We thought why not list out the glamourous Bollywood Queens first? 2 ladies broke their pregnancy news in 2020. Well, this is no secret nor are we the first ones to cover it. But any of these facts does not dampen our excitement.

  • The dazzling Kareena Kapoor Khan

celebrity pregnancy

Yes! You all have heard it right. We assure you that it is not a rumor. The Begum of Bollywood has embraced pregnancy again. Saif and Bebo are a royal celebrity couple. They tied the knot in 2012. Their firstborn Taimur Ali Khan is already a paparazzi attraction at the mere age of 3. The soon-to-be big brother is very ecstatic about the news.

The news of her pregnancy broke in early August which got the media crazy. Later the couple came forward, announced the pregnancy, and made the news official. Bebo nailed every look with her baby bump when she was expecting her first child. Be it a western or an ethnic look, Kareena Kapoor Khan has mastered them all.

She ditched the all-time loose pregnancy clothes and adorned some figure-flattering outfits. Kareena was spotted in high heels and thigh-high slits, and she flaunted her baby bump with pride instead of covering it up or attempting to hide it. Kareena Kapoor Khan has made pregnancy announcements, maternity looks, and motherhood oh-so-stylish! We cannot wait for her to give us some maternity-look goals again.

  • The super bubbly Anushka Sharma:

celebrity pregnancy- baby bump

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s love story is like a fairy tale. They met, dated, and separated due to some misunderstandings. But fate played its cards and they got bonded in the holy matrimony. They got married in 2017. A Bollywood superstar and a heartthrob of the nation. We just cannot stop gushing on how cute this couple looks together. Their fans coined the term ‘Virushka’, a name that is an amalgamation of both their names.

The couple announced the pregnancy in late August. They chose the means of Instagram to break this jubilant news to their fans. Anushka and Virat kept the news well hidden and gave an amazing surprise to their fans. The pregnancy is sitting well with Anushka. We can see her glowing! This celebrity couple is expecting their first child and Anushka too is giving us major style goals. She is styling her outfits in a comfy chic manner which we are already in love with. She is currently reveling in the joys of pregnancy in Dubai, where Virat is playing the IPL.

Pregnancy Announcements by Hollywood Starlets

Well now that we have penned down the Bollywood pregnancy announcements, it is about time that we enter the Hollywood glamour world. After all, inclusivity is the first step towards revolution. We by being inclusive are trying to contribute to this revolution. So let us take a sneak peek into the list of the pregnant Hollywood celebrities.

  • The singing sensation Christina Perri

celebrity pregnancy

The ‘Thousand Years’ Artist tied the knot with Paul Costabile in 2017. They got married in an intimate ceremony. Perri ditched the traditional white gown and embraced her style. She adorned the black hues, completely contrasting the tradition of white.  A crop top, long skirt, jacket, and combat boots finished her wedding ensemble. Breaking the traditions and personalizing style has been her forte.

Perri and Costabile were best friends. They dated for about 4 years before fate tied them in a beautiful bond. Shortly, this couple announced that they were expecting their first child. Carmella Costabile took her first breath in January 2018. The adorable toddler is 2 years old. Earlier this year, they lost their child at 11 weeks. The dark clouds of sorrow surrounded them. But they are expecting again!

As quoted by them, their rainbow baby is coming. Carmella is jubilant to be a big sister. Christina and Paul chose the means of Instagram to announce their second pregnancy. Our joy is evident with the fact that Christina is expecting again and she has found a rainbow in the dark clouds. We are hoping to see Christina Perri with the cute baby bump soon.

We would like to appreciate Perri’s valor and strength who opened up on her miscarriage rather than keeping it undercover. She pioneered that is was okay to feel disheartened but it is not okay to feel ashamed. We wish them all our best wishes for this pregnancy!

  • The ever-talented Mandy Moore

The talented American actress, songwriter, singer, actress, and voice actress tied the knot for the second time in 2018 with Taylor Goldsmith, a popular American singer. They announced recently that one is the lucky number for them and they are adding the first addition to their family. A baby boy is going to fill their lives with joy. Might we add, that she looks radiant with a baby bump?

This celebrity couple too used the means of Instagram to break the news of the pregnancy. Mandy Moore is undoubtedly an inspiration for women. She opened up about her divorce with her first husband Ryan Adams. Moore revealed that she felt lonely and thus broke free from the toxic relationship.

Not many women still break free from such relationships and often console themselves that situations are going to be better. But she not only broke free from her marriage but also looked forward to new beginnings. Our heartfelt congratulations to Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith for the new addition in their family. We hope that Moore enjoys this blissful phase of motherhood. For everything, she has endured, and for all the inspiration she passed on, this becomes amongst the special pregnancy announcements from the list.

  • The ‘Gossip Girl’ star Jessica Szohr:

celebrity pregnancy - baby bump

It is hard to believe that so many people are making joyous pregnancy announcements amid the pandemic. Well, the pregnancy phase is bestowed upon yet another gifted actress. Gossip Girl fame, Jessica Szohr too is living the beautiful chapter of motherhood. She has opened stepped into this phase for the first time.  Jessica and her partner Brad Richardson are expecting their first child.

Pregnancy announcements now come in the public eye on Instagram owing since we’re not stepping out as often as we used to before. Jessica Schor and Brad Richardson did the same. This celebrity couple posted a photo with her baby bump and the caption ‘full of joy’. Indeed, people fade away, experiences too get suppressed with new responsibilities but memories are what we behold for a lifetime. These couples have given us some mesmerizing news to cherish!

  • The bewitching Ashley Tisdale

celebrity pregnancy- baby bump

Here’s another spectacular name on our list of delightful pregnancy announcements- Ashley Tisdale- a fabulous actress, singer, and producer. She wed her best friend Christopher French. When friendship turns into love, marriage becomes a magical land. Some more magic is going to get sprinkled in this fairy tale with the arrival of their first angel. Needless to say that this celebrity couple too broke the news of their pregnancy on Instagram. Tisdale looks serene looks no less of an angel herself in this white dress flaunting her baby bump.

This has forced us to ponder that a social media platform is also a joy giver. These mediums can equally share the happiness and things just do not go viral because of trolling. In this pandemic, such mediums have come to our rescue and brought the world closer in true sense.

  • The sizzling Brittany Gonzales

celebrity pregnancy- motherhood

Model and actress Gonzales’s fate bonded her with the Twilight fame Kellan Lutz. They were set up by the best friend of Lutz. Best friends know it all, don’t they? This celebrity couple promised ‘Till death do part us’ to each other in 2017.

It broke our hearts to know that they lost their first baby girl. She was not only a part of them but also their hearts, and souls. They lost her after 6 months into the pregnancy and that’s all the more disheartening. But ecstasy has knocked on their doors again. Destiny has bestowed the gift of motherhood to Brittany again.

It was yet another one of the celebrity pregnancy announcements that we received from their Instagram handles. The couple decided to make the announcement on social media so that their fans could be a part of this heartwarming journey with them.

Both of these amazing individuals have posted this news along with some beautiful pictures. The news was shared earlier this month. Happiness is evident on their faces. We hope that is baby helps them find the missing piece of their souls that is lost somewhere. Wishing them new beginnings and rejoicing memories for life!

  • The enchanting Emma Roberts

Last but not the least, Felicitations to the actress Emma Robert! One is the lucky number for Emma and her partner Garrett Hedlund, who are expecting a baby boy. The couple shared this news on Instagram a couple of days ago. Emma’s caption read- “Me….and my favorite two guys.” Awwww!! And after reading this post, it would’ve been sheer injustice to not include Emma Roberts on our list of delightful pregnancy announcements.

The couple had bad experiences in their relationships. Both had reeled from the aftermath of broken hearts. But none of this deterred them from finding their “one”, and their happily ever after. The new addition to their family is surely going to add an abundance of joy in their life and help them heal their past wounds. We wish them good luck for stepping into this new chapter of their lives.

With this, we end the list of 8 Delightful Celebrity Pregnancy Announcements in 2020. There are so many starlets that we did not know whom to feature. These tough times have given us a new perspective. In these hassles, we have forgotten to live life, smile without any reason, and even have playful bickerings.

But this good news sure has bought smiles on many faces. These celebrities have given us cool ideas to debut the baby bump and letting the cat out of the bag. What do you think? Have you tried some special ways to break pregnancy announcements from your family to friends and relatives? Some cool poses to post on social media?

Let us know in the comments. Click on the cute little stars below and shower us with your support. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates at lovesmitten.com. (P.S: Spoiler alert- A big surprise is going to get revealed in October).

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