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Broken but Beautiful Season 3 Review -Broken much?

“What is love anyway? It’s just a glorious four-letter word!” Isn’t it? And that’s how the much-awaited Broken but Beautiful season 3 commences, with the stories of two broken people trying to find themselves back in life. It happens, that we become who we don’t like, only to fit in to be loved. But, what happens when you miss your genuine self? Broken but Beautiful season 3 is everything about losing and finding selves than each other!

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Broken but Beautiful Season 3 Review

A lot broken; not much beautiful!

broken but beautiful season 3

Let’s get one thing straight when it comes to Broken but Beautiful Season 3, that if there’s one reason to watch it, it’s Siddharth Shukla. So much happens on the show that you’re left either smiling or rolling your eyes.  It wouldn’t be wrong to establish that season three of the series is one of the weakest. But Siddharth Shukla, playing the character of egoistic, angry-young-man, Agastya, makes you want to watch more!

Sonia Rathee, a professional production director, takes hold of the small screen in Broken but beautiful season 3 as Rumi Desai. Initially, it took a little while to adjust to her, but her performance and jaw-dropping style woo-a-watcher after a couple of episodes.

Agastya is a struggling theatre director, while Rumi is a silk-stocking girl born amid pizzazz but struggles with an identity crisis. Her only job in life is crushing on her childhood love, Ishaan (Ehan Bhat). But as every love story goes, Ishaan acts heedless towards Rumi’s love for him, makes out with her, only to date Rumi’s friend the next day. It was quite a put-off to watch the man easily jump wagons from one girl to another, until he also dates Rumi’s step-sister, only to come back to Rumi again and feel stuck in a spiceless marriage! Ahh… that’s a long story.

Much like all other seasons, Broken but beautiful 3 holds on to its strengths of overwhelmingly impressive dialogues, but the content dashes everyone’s hope. It was actually disappointing. The makers don’t do justice to Agastya’s character, who takes back someone who uses him like a doormat, marches out in merry out, and jostles right back in. Rumi repeatedly uses Agastya to catch Ishaan’s attention, and Agastya ends up falling for her every time! Like… come on! We all have some self-respect, don’t we?

Truth be told, Rumi only looks like a spoilt brat looking for attention who grows to be a selfish, stubborn girl who only wants what she wants. Or should we say, wants who she wants? When she’s with one guy, she wants to use the other, and then vice versa. When she’s sad, she wants to make out with Agastya but then wants to insult him when Ishaan takes her back. This back and forth game of her leaving and coming back transforms Agastya into television’s Kabir Singh.

broken but beautiful season 3 cast

A series of events and a few close people bring Agastya back to normal and help him move on, only for Agastya to encounter Rumi, all over again. And we’re sitting there hoping, “Please, not again!”

Even though the episodes moved forward, the story seemed to have fixated on the same plot in different years and clothes. Maybe, six episodes were enough because of this soul-destroying storyline. After a while, Rumi’s character became so irksome that the rest of the episodes feel like a drag. If not for Siddharth Shukla’s personality that reigned like no one else’s did, Broken but Beautiful season 3 wouldn’t bring Alt Balaji and the director, Priyanka Ghoshe, much fame.

Yes, there is the valid point that Rumi underwent a problematic childhood, where she always felt like the step-daughter and her sister got all the love, but there’s a limit to which someone can handle her drama. She’s not happy- not here, not there; not with Agastya, not with Ishaan, making her look like an alcoholic who does and speaks shit every time she is upset. And then, of course, a waterfall of cuss words in Broken but beautiful 3 tries to make the show feel “cool.” They try hard to validate that’s just how modern relationships work. Well, NO, they don’t!

Even though Rumi’s character is irritating, Sania plays the role exceptionally well, marking herself on the list of impactful actors!

Another disappointment in Broken but Beautiful season 3 concluded in the same way as season 1, making the next part (if any) very predictable. One of the show’s high points was Vikrant Massey, and we only wished we could see more of him. The background score and title song have never been a problem with this web series because they have this effect that makes you want to flow with the emotion, those emotions that make sense at many points.

broken but beautiful 3

Some parts of Broken but beautiful season 3 are indeed beautiful, though. The lead actors do a fabulous job of connecting with the audience. Every kiss and every romantic moment comes across convincingly, making one want to let out a hint of a smile at least. Siddharth Shukla’s transformation in the show is also enjoyable.

If anything, the show does accentuate those kinds of lovers who will take you back no matter what, and also those who will walk out on you without looking back if they get what they want. Using people with love for finding love does not result in everlasting happiness. In the end, it all get’s broken, and there’s hardly any beautiful left, much like the show itself.

Our suggestion, watch Broken but Beautiful season 3 if you’re Siddharth Shukla’s fan or if you’re a hopeless romantic. If not, you’re going to join the actors in opening a floodgate of cuss words with each dialogue. 3 stars out of 5 is all we have to spare, and the half is extra only for Siddharth Shukla and the music.

We’ll leave you with some of the best dialogues from the show, just in case you consider watching Broken but beautiful season 3.

Broken but Beautiful season 3: Killer dialogues

broken but beautiful season 3 dialogues

1. “Naam bante hai risk se …ch**iye bante ishq se

2. Kitni ajeeb baat hai ki I STILL LOVE YOU ko Kisi ke I DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE se fark nahi padhta.

3. Aisa kya toot sakta hai joh do logo ke bich ki tukde bhi na mile?

4. Only way to mend a broken heart is from the pieces of another one, jo utna hi damaged utna hi defective ho.

5. Mujhe laga woh pyaar hai, lekin pyaar conditional to nahi hota na.

6. ere pass sirf 2 hi option hain that I have a great relationship with my wife and be labelled as a crazy man or completely stop talking to her and be labelled as a normal man, but I prefer the crazy one.

7. Main pyaar karti hu tumse, tum nahi karte toh na sahi, mera pyaar kaafi hai, main kaafi hu.

8. This is what I always wanted…to have all eyes on me…..but you know it’s f**king scary…when you get what you wanted.

9. Jealously and Revenge… Your my kind of a girl.

10. Kitni ajeeb baat hai ki I STILL LOVE YOU ko Kisi ke I DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE se fark nahi padhta.

11. Sometimes you know that everyone has moved on, But you’re stuck. Sometimes you say no to new Beginnings.

12. Kash yeh move on ki koi antibiotic pill banakar de sakte.

13. Pyaar kya kisi expiry date ke sath ata hai?

14, I just think you love too much. Itna pyaar kisi bhi cheej se nahi karna chahiye.

15. Ek relationship ko khatam krne ke liye ek insaan ki na hi kaafi hai

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