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Broken but Beautiful S1 & 2 Exciting Review-Watch or Not?

Ekta Kapoor, who we know so well for her long-telecasted shows like Kyunki Saans Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Kasauti Zindagi Kay is back with a web series. Although Alt Balaji, her three-year-old production house, focuses on varied concepts. Broken but Beautiful is her much-talked-about ventures, the views of which is hitting the roof during this quarantine period. Unlike the television sagas that we grew out of, Broken but Beautiful is a wave of freshness. It uncovers the madness of today’s love, as opposed to those that we couldn’t relate with (the ideal bahu types).

Released in two seasons and starring Vikrant Massey(Veer) and Harleen Sethi(Sameera), Broken but Beautiful is, by all means, a carousel ride of emotions, mostly the sad ones to begin with. A lot of the love stories that we see online start with meeting new people, falling in love, having fights, and then getting back together again. This unique web-show, on the other hand, begins with two people dealing with the side-effects of losing the love of their lives. Here’s how to decide if Broken but Beautiful is your kind of entertainment.


Broken but Beautiful… To watch or not?

broken but beautiful review

Check out our review if this web-series is meant for you!

Here’s why you should watch it! (Psst… No spoilers!!)

1. Love… Love… and Love

You are on Love Smitten; we’ve said it before, we repeat it! We’re crazy about the idea of love, and anything that showcases that emotion is on our list!

2. The Good and the Bad Side of Love

Love is important, but it is not the only thing that can help a relationship survive. So far, we’ve only seen in brief how losing a loved one to death, or someone else puts one through inexplicable pain. Broken but Beautiful takes a viewer into the profanities of this feeling. Happy flashbacks and emotional comebacks keep the watcher glued to the characters.

3. Moving on

Of course, it is not easy; people around us scream about the importance of moving on to the next chapter in our lives. Makers of this show manage to show the same with utmost detail. Feelings of falling in love, even though a subjective experience for all, ends up as the same later. But, Broken but Beautiful focuses more on the part of how moving on is a decision, journey, and life-changing experience. The show focuses more on the journey of finding the will to trust someone with your heart again, as opposed to experiencing the events that lead to heartbreak.

vikrant massey

4. Friends, Family, and Feelings

If only everyone could have more friends and family members, as shown in this web-series. Both characters, Veer and Sameera, have amazing people backing their moving-on journey in their unique ways. Two relationships that stand out are those between Veer & Ishanvi, and Sameera & her two friends. From giving them a human perspective to their issues to being their “beck-and-call people,” they do it all! They feel so deeply for one another, that even when they fight, they communicate love!

5. Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi

Hands down, Vikrant Massey steals the show with a heartwarming performance. He aces every aspect of Veer’s character, and charms one into believing that no one else could play Veer the way he did. It takes a couple of episodes to get used to Harleen Sethi’s performance, but you will not realize when she engulfs you with her spot-on emotions.

Both Veer and Sameera’s story of trying to move on to find a way to breathe without their lovers keeps one hooked.  So much, that you will begin humming the title track after watching the initial few episodes. There are so many moments when you go “aww,” and so many when you go “ohh.” One begins to laugh in their happiness and drop a tear or two when they cry. The emotions cinematized are so relatable, that most of you might end up saying, “Been there; done that!”

broken but beautiful love web series

6. Self Love

If there is one message that you will understand by the end of both seasons is that there is no love more important than self-love. People have said it several times, that one who cannot love themselves do not attract long-lasting relationships. But those who hold themselves with equal importance create an attractive aura around them.

Why not Watch?

So, this part is short, simple, and crisp. A lot goes wrong in the second season. Somehow, Veer and Sameera lose their chemistry with each other, as well as the others they date. If we say more, we might break our promise of having no spoilers on this watch or not review. We strongly feel that the show could have ended with Season 1, and left viewers to contemplate their lead characters got together ultimately, or maybe not.


Moreover, the new characters that enter in Season 2 have a lot of loopholes in their behavioral pattern. This comes mainly from Debbie’s character (the girl who dates Veer in this season. This isn’t a spoiler; it is all over the news already!) All in all, it fails to impress in the same degree as it did in their initial season. Of course, there are some things that do not work even in Season 1, but, the things we mentioned above, make up for it!

After a few episodes of Broken but Beautiful season 2, everything starts to feel draggy and pointless. Sameera’s confused mind and Veer’s change in behavior is off-putting. While Season 1 will keep you on pins and needles, Season 2 will seem more like an age-old television saga with a predictable end. Nonetheless, Season 1 makes you feel connected with Veer and Sameera, and somehow, you will find yourself dragging along with the next season.

You decide!

We’ve told you all that you had to know before you invest your precious quarantine hours into Broken but Beautiful. You decide if this is your thing or something you can toss. Our recommendation is to watch the first season if you are a fan of this genre of entertainment. The love and emotions from there are enough to pull you through the second season as well (wink wink!) For us, it is a 3 star for season 1, and 2 stars for season 2!

Broken but Beautiful Season 3 Announced!! 

In the month of September 2020, when all of us decided to take a break from the various crime shows on the OTT platforms, ALT Balaji gave fans a wonderful surprise. Since we saw the last episode of this show, we all wondered, will there be Broken but Beautiful Season 3? Oh Yes! ALT Balaji recently took to various social media platforms to announce that there will indeed be a third season for this lovey-dovey show.

Okay, hold your hearts fans, because we also heard that the Broken but Beautiful season 3 cast includes televisions heartthrob- Siddharth Shukla. After participating last season of Bigg Boss, Siddharth Shukla and Shenaaz Gill became one with the hashtag- Sidnaaz. Will they be starred together? Or will we see Siddharth with another leading lady from television? We’ll have to wait to find out!

We at Love Smitten cannot wait to review Broken but Beautiful season 3; can you? Here’s the short teaser to keep you on the toes.


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