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Book Review: One To Watch By Kate Stayman-London

“For us, something as simple as posting an outfit-of-the-day selfie is a political action, and we have to live with all the people who feel entitled to comment on our bodies, to tell us we’re ugly, or unhealthy, or grotesque,” Bea Schumacher. If the line just hit you with a surprise, then you’ve got to pick up a copy of the One to Watch book today! Released in July 2020, the book by Kate Stayman-London is marvelously enthralling. But, before getting into the real deal of this book review, let me announce some alerts!


  1. Expect to read a lot of body-shaming statements, but also expect to feel better by the end! (Oops, a spoiler!)
  2. If you enjoy watching the show The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, you might have to change your opinion about it.
  3. Make sure you have a lot of time on you when you start reading One to Watch because this one is hard to put down!
  4. Despite the weight issue, the book is a whirlwind of romance.

With that clear, you would have made up half of your mind if you want to read the book.

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One to Watch Book Summary

one to watch book summary


Bea Schumacher, a plus-sized fashion blogger, lives in a world of insecurities when it comes to her love life. While she carries herself with much confidence and builds a reputation as a fashionista, she lives on believing that she didn’t deserve picture-perfect romance. Living in a fat body and then hearing about how fat you are from the people around is a feeling many can resonate with.

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Fed up with heartaches and some filthy comments on her blogs, Bea renounces relationships. That night, she settles down on the couch to watch episodes of Main Squeeze themed around the very famous show, The Bachelor. Drunk in emotions, she badmouths the show’s concept on her blog. I mean, she’s right! Why does a show have to encourage people to find love among fit people? Are healthy people incapable of giving or receiving love? Bea writes all about the show, and shockingly, the blog becomes viral. She becomes the one to watch!

One to Watch book review

Bea’s journey of avoiding the limelight until finally getting offered the main spot on the show doesn’t allow a reader to bat an eyelid. All along, she convinces herself that she’s doing the show for professional reasons. Every time Bea spoke to her producer, she would affirm how she didn’t want to find love anymore and how she was there for nothing apart from a break from her routine and a career boost.

Throughout the show, Bea undergoes a string of emotions that mostly broke her more than it made her. Be it the sudden shower of love from the handsome men to being body-shamed by contestants on the show, the lady goes through it all.

Whether she’s able to get out of it pain-free, and if she’s able to walk out of the show without love is something that the book, One to Watch, should reveal to you.

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One to Watch Book Review

Starting from the rage that comes with some of the comments to watch Bea stand up for herself on the show, One to Watch doesn’t let you down. The book cover was enough to urge me to read this new release. As I read on, I knew I’d invested my time and money in the right book. Bea is confident, unshy about the way she looks when it comes to her profession, and bold enough to ask for what she wants. What Bea is not is lucky in love!

Over the years, the plus-sized lady, who gradually becomes an inspiration for many through her blogs, becomes used to how people would only use her for the fabulous company she was. Very few of those meetings transformed into friendships, but the ones to live by. But one man, Ray, is enough to change everything Bea ever thought for her life.

Kate Stayman-London

One to Watch has many unexpected turns. Several times, I felt like I knew what was coming next, but my judgments failed before Kate Stayman-London’s eccentric story development.  The detailing in the book is so intricate that the author makes it easy to visualize watching the story like a movie. Elements like using the show’s script to progress, the news articles giving pieces of information that the book otherwise doesn’t reveal, and the transcript conversations to reflect upon people’s choices tweak the book, The One to Watch.

Such is the power of Bea’s character that she’ll make you smile when she does, make you cry when she’s hurt, and get you blushing when she’s shy. Even while on the show, she has to encounter situations that no other actor on the Main Sqeeze had. But the strong-willed Bea didn’t take humiliation on television lightly. She wasn’t one to succumb to the pressure of looking nice all the time. The fact that she gives back to those who deserve it uplifts the moods of every person who’s ever lived or is living with insecurities. 

If anything, I hope the book can bring a change to people’s mindsets of how one should look on television! If it doesn’t, then at least bring a change in yours, and believe that you are beautiful, and can have everything you want if you shed those layers of insecurities.

One to watch review

I suggest you pick a free weekend, snug into your most comfortable pair of pajamas, and give the book The One to Watch your undivided attention. It has become the sensational fiction of the year, and rightly so! The book doesn’t take time to engross one into the life of a perfectly healthy woman!

Love, romance, drama, & then some melodrama, heartbreak, heartache, shockers, surprises, friendship, backstabbing, body shaming… sigh… you name it, and One to Watch has it. And that is why I rate the book 4.5 fat stars out of 5. I ate half a star because I knew how the book would end when I reached the last few pages. Nonetheless, it couldn’t take away all that the book gave to me, a pleasurable read, and loads of confidence to rock every dress in whichever kind of body I have.

And now… I wish Bea were real, and I could follow her on Instagram! We could all use regular portions of inspiration, right? (If wishes were horses… need I say more?)

If you liked the review of the One to Watch book, then order a copy for yourself today. I suggest you also read the very hilarious My Eyes Are Up Here by Laura Zimmerman. You can check out our review here!

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