Bible Love Verses

Bible Love Verses and their relevance in today’s world


There is no doubt that the Bible is a book of wisdom and inspiration in our life. Surprisingly, there are a lot of sayings about love in the Bible that can come in aid to lead our stressed-out lives. Here are the top Bible love verses and their relevance in today’s world. They not only guide us in the matter of love but also enlightens us on how to strengthen our relationships.


  1. “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.” ~ 1Corinthians 13:4-8

  • In this Bible love verse, Love is defined in the words of God. In today’s world, people say that the meaning of love has changed, but in God’s point of view, love has perseverance; it never changes, it teaches us to be kind, hopeful & trustworthy. Anything other emotion creeping its way in cannot be love.
  1. “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” ~ Song of Solomon 8:3 

  • Loving someone means dedicating all your life and time to that person. There shouldn’t be anything else between the people in love. Only after giving yourself completely to your beloved, can you see the power of love. As Jesus became one with his loved one’s we should become one too. Bible Love Verses


  1. “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD.” ~ Proverbs 18:22

  • There cannot be any second thoughts about this verse from the Holy Bible. People do believe that their life changes for good after marriage. This doesn’t mean that every time you struggle in your life, you marry another woman! In its simplest significance, it means finding a perfect life partner and spending your entire life with her with respect and dignity; only that can bring your life favor from God.
  1. “I found the one my heart loves.” ~ Song of Solomon 3:4 

  • I realize this might not seem true for everyone, but it is also a fact that life doesn’t stop there. Losing your loved ones is a universal phenomenon and no one can change that; what we can do is to love who we have in our lives and always trust in the instinct of God. Who he chooses for us is the best; the ones who leave surely taught us something to remember them by.
  1. “Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.” ~ Ephesians 4:2-3 

  • Loving someone is not as easy as it sounds; it is a huge responsibility. This is one of those Bible love verses which teaches us how to behave when we are deeply in love with someone. The hard part is not falling in love; the hard part is staying in love. Today, many relationships fail because of a lack of humility and patience. People can learn to deal with their challenges peacefully if they apply the honest implications of the scripture in their lives.    Bible Love Verses


  1. “And he has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.” ~1 John 4:21 

  • Sibling rivalry has been a sensation for the past thousands of years, hasn’t it? In India, we study about the history of King Ashoka, who killed his 99 brothers to sit on the throne. We read a number of news articles every day about people not hesitating to kill their siblings for money or property. In spite of committing such sins, people present themselves as God-loving individuals. Don’t you think this pains our God?
  1. “Do everything in love.” ~ 1 Corinthians 16:14

  • With this Bible verse, God teaches us to love whatever we do. Your office job can be boring for some days and you may lack interest. You might have been forced to work in a profession or place that you don’t like, but God teaches us to count our blessings. Isn’t this the same job that pays your bills or shapes your future. You might find studying boring as of now, but your education is going to take you a long way. Fall in love with that idea! Don’t be disheartened by what you do. Just love the fact that God loves you, and he will put you in the right place at the right time. Bible Love Verses


So these Bible love verses teach you to love your wife, your work, your family and how to conduct yourself with love in relationships. A bundle of wisdom words there in the Bible to appraise your mind and soul. When reading these words from God, make sure you do it in love.

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