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Are Dogs Replacing A Mother’s Love?


A mother’s love is the most irreplaceable feeling in the world. No matter how hard some people try to change that, no matter how cool or lame one tries to behave, and no matter how ignorant and weak a woman can be, this universal fact cannot change. But off late, we are coming across shocking incidents that send a shudder down our spine. Mothers now abandon their children in the most random places, and others have to step in to play their role. Who others? They are our loyal animals. So then, are dog’s replacing a mother’s love?

Let me first throw some light on the incidents that have surfaced. Just a few days ago, people found a little baby girl, who we choose to call Fighter, in a public drain in Haryana, India. Two dogs who were in the vicinity played the role of Fighter’s warriors; one pulled her out with all its might, while the other intimated passers-by about this newborn. A CCTV camera recorded the entire incident, and we suggest you do not see the video unless you have the strength to see a woman throw her baby like thrash. (It pains me to even write such a thing).


Another incident came into the picture when a three-legged dog dug out a newborn in Thailand. Wondering why the baby required scooping? A 15-year-old girl buried her little one in a barren ground in fear of her parents. This dog that was in the area could smell a human inside the ground and he acted angelically. Even though handicapped, he made sure to dig the baby out, and also that someone hears his barks and moans until she was rescued.

I could go on and on about how officials and NGO’s are rescuing these parentless babies every now and often. The intriguing thing is, how a dog fills in for a human to undo their ghastly actions. It only goes to show, that dogs needn’t be pets to be adorable. We have to face these two rhetoric questions- ‘Have some mother’s forgotten about being the blessed beings?’ and ‘Are dogs replacing a mother’s love?’



It is an unsaid fact, that no matter what age we reach, we still look out for our mothers when in most difficulty. There’s no one who can replace what they can give and do for us. Then why suddenly this sudden change of sentiments?

Humans are selfish beings; accept it or not, most people have an ulterior motive to everything. In reference to the above two scenarios, we know the teenage girl did what she did because she couldn’t tell her parents. How could the parents not know for this many months? Why don’t we look at mistakes more objectively so that people can talk about it to refrain from committing sins?

While we are talking about the above incidents, how can a woman, or any human, behave in such a manner? Family pressure, financial issues, need for a boy child, pregnancy because of molestation, no matter which reason, it doesn’t qualify to do what she did. It never will!

Caring for own’s safety over your own baby- if this isn’t selfish, then what is? It seems only fair, that we, the privileged creations should learn from those creatures who cannot express beyond barks & tears. What ulterior motive could the dogs have had by saving babies which aren’t even theirs? None, right? These dogs teach a lesson of a lifetime, that even if your situation is as bad as living on the streets, you shouldn’t give that issue more importance than life itself.



Knowing that we can never get an answer to this, we really need to focus on what can be done to change this scary reality. As an educated individual, speak to those who aren’t about how they should stand up for themselves, how girl children aren’t a bane anymore (to people who yearn for a boy child), talk to teenagers about unsafe sex, and conduct counseling sessions on what a girl should do in case she has had unsafe intercourse or was raped.

We cannot speak to people actually living on the streets as beggars to stop producing too many kids only when we know that the educated lot can behave more responsibly, to begin with. Also, hopefully, one day a girl child wouldn’t be unwanted anymore, and the implementation of strict laws against rapists will put an end to several heinous crimes at once!

Love Smitten sends out prayers and love to all the abandoned babies out there. We will do our bit of edifying those around us; will you?


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Hemali Adhiya is the co-founder and author of the e-magazine Love Smitten. Alongside writing and editing for several other websites, she hosts a YouTube Channel- Total Angrezi. Traveling is her way to unwind, and she loves recording these experiences!

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