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A Self-Love Story- Heartwarming Note to Freedom-Seekers

A Self-Love Story- Heartwarming Note to Freedom-Seekers is a story where the characters have no names, the places have no clear descriptions, and there is no particular timeline of the backdrop. The goal of the protagonist’s life has been vaguely mentioned, there are no antagonists and it has no clear end! Now you might be thinking what kind of story is this? Actually I did this intentionally so that single women of all ages, places, and societies who dare to dream can relate with the protagonist.

The ending of this self-love story… well, that’s the part you, the dreamers get to write for yourself. After all, you needn’t a writer to finish your own story. But, the one thing that I assure you, is that it is one of those stories about loving yourself, that could stir you to break free from whatever is holding you back. From what? From the freedom to express and experience self-love!

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A Self-Love Story- Heartwarming Note to Freedom-Seekers

a self-love story

She was walking down the lane under the star-studded and moonlit sky. Oh! How she hated the light of the day for it wasn’t the harbinger of hope and zeal for her anymore. It was only a relic of a ‘golden time’ of her life. Yes! There was a time that brought glory, knowledge, wisdom, strength, and all the sensibility in her. A time, when she could break free from all rules and regulations. Those were the times she would face challenges, fight her battles, and make her own choices. She was alone and the mystical benevolence of darkness was in her favor.

Darkness, no matter, how badly is portrayed in popular culture and literature, allows you to witness the vastness of the skies, the stars, the moon, and the planets. The day of the light however confines your vision. The brightness of the sun never allows the light of the stars to reach you.

Blanketed by the sign of lost love (a shawl that was gifted to her by her man) she was cutting through the mist and a familiar breeze. The stars were her friends and the moon was like a paternal figure. The glow of the lamp posts was adding to the opacity of the mist around the bulb. The opacity was definitely hindering the visibility beyond but was helping her meditate. This brief meditation just flipped the pages of the past in front of her.

Was it really a good decision to give up everything for her man? If it was, then did it really cost everything? She had a dream; a dream to reach the stars and go beyond the frontiers of the physical realm.

love story- self-love

When she knew what self-love meant…

She always loved going to distant places. But fate had other plans for her. There was always this urge to explore the unexplored in her. Not a vagabond’s or a wanderer’s but she had the spirit of a discoverer. A conqueror who wouldn’t win her battles by slaying her enemies but by winning over them.

She had great plans but a love proposal from a nice guy changed everything for her. She found a much-needed recluse and a full-time friend. A friend who will stay forever! She just couldn’t refuse and accepted the proposal, bearing in mind that her journey has come to a momentary halt and it will be resumed once everything is settled. But
that never happened!

self-love independence in love

Everything went well until the compliance with accompanying expectations and compromises became inevitable. There would always be a conflict between them. Not in terms of words or any other kind. Neither her man would ask her for anything nor could she make time for her herself. It was only a silent understanding that would communicate the wish of her man. The sweet relationship between them was never supposed to take this turn. A slow digression from commitments followed. But both knew about the helplessness of each other. Nobody held the other guilty but they knew that the bond has withered and weakened with time.

Hopes faded but the fire didn’t. The internal conflict spired from that fire and furthered the distance between them.

However, it was that fire very that was keeping the old “her” alive. No matter what but one thing was clear- the love
between the two had failed the test of times. It has been eroded by the intermittent splashes of the black sea that was once her battleground. The sea had taught her the best lessons in life. It had taught her to fight; to hit, to get hit and rise again and hit. The same sea within her was asking her to take charge of the tides again.

That night something different happened with her. She started narrating the tales of her own campaigns and adventures to herself. She recalled how she fought and won the biggest battles of her life… how she conquered the highest of summits that were not scalable according to many, how she won over the most invincible of all enemies. In one phase of her life, she was the allegory of courage an inspiration for all girls but now life narrowed down to a phase in which her decisions would call for several other considerations. All these obligations were like a stupendous burden on her shoulders. This wasn’t a free life anymore.

self-love stories

She thought about her parents, she thought about her man, she thought about her in-laws but she didn’t bother
to care about the people. The woman who had forgotten the idea of self-love patiently analyzed what has been lost and what can be gained, what is gone forever, and what can be recovered. Once she was done, an urge to break free jolted her, the shawl wrapped around her started feeling too heavy for it was only a sign of lost love and moreover, it was nothing more than a burden pinning her down to the ground.

And she decided to break free for the sake of self-love…

stories about loving yourself

The instant she decided to break free she pulled away from that shawl and threw it the air. That piece of red cloth waved in the air and fell down before her as if offering her a red carpet salute. It was showing her the way to a life of freedom and liberty. And that was when she knew, that her story of self-love was of utmost importance.

Yes! She was free now and it felt good. She wasn’t mad at her man and her in-laws, in fact, she was thankful to them for providing her good care. It was just that she was after a dream and chasing that dream wasn’t possible with the burden of so many expectations and she was just not ready for all the family responsibilities that were mounted on her. She felt bad for her man but she also realized that at least he will be freed of the internal conflict which was not
so dissimilar from her own and now he can move on in life.

All free and good she was on her way to her dreams. She didn’t know how she will reach the sought after destination and how she will fight the challenges that will come along but she definitely knew that she will reach there one day.


What do you think about this self-love story? Does it make you want to free yourself from things that bind you? Then, feel free to share this story around. After all, everyone should take a chance at saving themselves, before anyone else!

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