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A Collection of Love Poems- Romance Personified

The term “love poems” is enough to catch the attention of everyone here at Love Smitten. Now imagine a collection of love poems- that is undoubtedly romance personified, isn’t it? We bring to you a carefully picked selection of poems from the book Intriguing Lives by Anjali Kakar. With the world stepping out of their homes, to get used to the unlock periods, we thought, there should be something to keep hopes alive and fears at bay. 

collection of love poems

Romance & love never go out of style; It’s what some people literally breathe. The increased work pressure and the stress to deal with the new normal is too much. You will find a few moments of relaxation as you delve into our collection of love poems. By the end, you’ll either want to share it with your loved one, run back home to your partner, or be inspired enough to pen down your feelings too!

As you explore below, you will find that this collection of love poems covers so many aspects of love, relationships, and marriage.

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A Collection of Love Poems

The Guy Next Door

The guy next door is a part of our collection of love poems because of its simplistic form of expressing love. In the poem, the girl is falling for this guy, who seems like the guy next door. She feels like a thousand bubbles bursting within her every time she sees him. Silently, she desires to meet the guy next door someday. Even though their paths are different, her gratitude towards him seems immense. In brevity, the poet seems like the innocent girl seeking love, who pens down her feelings.

collection of love poems

The irony of life is usually the girl next door.
As baffling it might seem, the guy I met was crystal clear.
I, perhaps, had a different vision, inhibited by fear.
Charming and expressive as he might seem,
I seldom wondered whether I could be a part of this mesmerizing

His words might have made me wonder.
I appreciated the truth from the core, before the daunted, reckless

Deep down, I inherently possess the desire to meet him someday,
Our vision might not appear to be the same, but I’m hoping the journey
might be blissfully shaping its way.
Ideas can be vast in dimension, and so is my creation beyond the
comprehension of my mind.
I might not agree with his vision or venture down that path.
Deep down, a ray of hope instils in me the wish that we don’t fall apart.

Either way, I will always be glad I met the guy next door.
I hope you see beyond my playfulness, casting off the transient, to a
sincere and honest core.

Not into You

Not into you is about a girl, Beth, whose deepest desire is to fall in love. We had to have this poem in our collection of love poems to throw light on her struggle to find true love. During that journey, Beth drifts towards building a strong self-identity for herself. Unless Beth wins over her weakness, she will not find true happiness, and the poem revolves around the same theme.

collection of love poems

Girls are programmed to believe that if a guy treats you badly, he likes
The programming of a girl’s mind is twisted, and she seldom has a clue.
This is the story of a girl named Beth, who is gullible and sensitive.
Her journey of going on dates has left her in a tiff.
Beth is looking for true love.

Her approach is completely the opposite of a woman of unlimited self-esteem.

Beth’s susceptibility to constantly stalking guys eliminates her from the team.
Although surrounded by wonderful friends, she feels alone and
To build a solid, strong identity for oneself is one’s choice and
indomitable cure.
Her pure heart makes her encounter a gem of a human.
Little does Beth know that she has encountered the wise.
The friend in hope was named Ben.
His experience was of great value, although blatant and brutal.
Beth embedded the advice deep within her, as it was suitable.
Her life was about to make a 180-degree turn, around the clock.
She was becoming the protagonist of her own movie—needless to say,
it rocked.

The mind is the ficklest of all,
Unless you master your mind and stand tall.
The vicious circle of the mind drowned her in believing that Ben was her

collection of love poems
She felt like a leading character in a novel,
As if thousands of bubbles were bursting inside her.
It was a euphoria which wasn’t likely to last for long.
Building a self-identity was the only option, leading her on the pathway
of being strong.

Feeling rejected and dejected, she let go of the deep, hidden desire.
The law of love is quite mystic and inexplicable. The twists and turns
had already taken place like wildfire.
Ben began to miss her presence and the beauty that was so real.
He was willing to surpass the boundaries that were trivial.
Ben had turned into Beth.
He craved Beth’s true love until they met.

The story is textbook, with Ben and Beth uniting.
Ben was down on his knees. Love transcends all differences, even a
gigantic fight.
Beth had finally found her true love,
Like the luminescence of the moon, or the purity of a dove

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Forever Yours

Forever Yours is the story of a girl for who the center of the world is her relationship. She is obsessive, controlling, and usually, her behavior causes her much pain and anxiety. Through our collection of love poems, we want to bring to our readers a fictional poem of breaking away from a toxic relationship. The girl in this story too helps her to cast off the transient and reveal her true self. Everything happens for a reason and perhaps breaking through leads her to explore the undiscovered side.

collection of love poems

The story of Miley is indeed of a toxic relationship.
The relationship had several layers, without a doubt, not a skip.
Miley gravitated toward this handsome man few years ago.
Their connection was instantaneously captivating and intriguing toward
one another.
Little did they know a relationship was formed without any hindrances

Moving in with one another was a big step toward their vision.
Being great pillars of growth, aiming for the same mission.
Love makes you feel like the leading character of a novel.
It feels like thousand bubbles bursting on the inside.
The euphoria isn’t likely to last for long without a strong self-identity,
deep and wide.
Miley’s life revolved around this man,
She made him the centre of her life, mistakenly committed, then the
realization of being banned.
Evolving on the list was not a priority.

Lack of distance led to being intrusive, belongingness to the same city.
Love should be a force of hope, invigoration, and inspiration.
A healthy relationship is the one that generates spiritual creation.
Miley forgot herself in the relationship.
Her journey failed to recapture that she was the captain of the ship.
As the relationship grew,
Miley abandoned her loved ones, leaving a few.
She was cornered by his presence.

collection of love poems

Exasperation and frustration began to creep in henceforth.
Moving ahead in a different direction and focusing on each other led to
lack of growth.
Toxic as one can imagine it to be, leading to destruction.
Physical abuse led to the separation of the two.
Excruciating pain; when the relationship triggers, indeed ending the
same is the clueMiley suffered from being alone and torn.
Her self-esteem was shattered. She seldom wondered whether it was
time to wake up and to be grown.
Miley began to evolve day by day.

She was the gatekeeper of her destiny, shining like a luminescent ray.
Years passing by developed her to be strong and capable,
Polishing the mirror of her life that had been tarnished for ions of kalpas.
Emitting light like the sun had become her prior mission.
Her undiscovered side had finally revealed her true self, unknown.
The episode was, without a fraction of doubt, her catalyst—glad she
was torn.

Love and Laugh

Love and Laugh is one of the finest love poems in our collection of love poems. It expresses the life of a woman who grapples through her marriage to unleash her highest potential. After cutting off from the restraints of her marriage, she gravitates towards fundamental darkness. In the end, she triumphs and finds true love as she cuts through her inner darkness to find eternal bliss.

collection of love poems

This is a story about a woman who seems unsettled in her marriage.
She seems baffled and restricted in many ways.
There were days when she failed to see the rising sun or the morning

Her adamant behaviour was the cause that could lead to her self-

She was grappling with her marriage and failed to see that it was her
Feeling afraid to uncover her highest potential, insecurity stemmed from
her core.
She felt the need to break through this marriage like a lion’s roar.
Exploring different countries was dauntlessly courageous for her.
A huge step had created this reckless stir.
She felt empowered and driven.

Meditation was the first step in her discovery.
She took one step at a time and not the entire staircase; patience had
descended on her, and she was no longer in a hurry.
Her deep-down desire was to be with her true soulmate.
Her priorities were set forward, as revealing her truest and highest self
was on the highest rate.

collection of love poems

The magnitude of her passion was mesmerizing.
She was becoming like the sun, when it’s truly rising.
Deep down, the desire to marry again was cultivating.
Little did she know that her life would take a 360-degree turn, for which
she was eagerly waiting.
Born with a desire to explore in her genes,
Due to her insecurities, she closed herself in her early teens.
The sun had finally dawned upon her deepest dreams.

She began to cast off the transient and uncover her greatest potential,
A life that welcomed her with open arms and true love.
She was surprised and taken aback by the amazement that was
True love had finally opened up to her as her soulmate.
The struggles undertaken, one after the other, had truly produced their
fruit and opened the way to love, live, and laugh gate.
The choice she eventually made was derived from the wisdom she drew
from her experience.
Anxiety, restlessness, and claustrophobia were no longer options, as
she had transformed her fundamental core and was no longer a victim
of a fence.

collection of love poems

Spirit of Jessy

The love poem Spirit of Jessy is a fantabulous fiction poem about a girl, Jessey, adamant to find the love of her life. She adorns a compulsive nature to find true love, which comes across as an overpowering feeling. Jessey’s restless attitude forces her to find peace within. As she struggles in desperation to find love, life shows her the correct path, which is to build a strong foundation for herself. Spirit of Jessey from our collection of small poems will intrigue you and captivate your attention.

In this chaotic and uncertain world, Jessy was looking for true love.
Her spirits were quite high and optimistic.
Little did she know, an inner reformation was about to take place at the
She was excited and timid about her date.
Her self-worth was being questioned. Her poor relationship skills could
not rate.
True love is fostered between two people secure in their individuality.
Dependency on love, where you sacrifice for each other’s growth, is a
euphoria which is unlikely to last for long.
So was the inherent susceptibility of Jessy, loud and strong.
She was the protagonist of her life.

Her choices were swayed by dogma, seldom felt like penetrated knives.
Several dates bogged her down.
She was not looking for a casual crown, but instead a relationship that
would turn into something meaningful.
Jessy’s life emoted obsession and desperation to be with somebody.
Involvement and consistency were her objectives, and to be stable.
Life was a roller coaster ride, as facing rejections was excruciating.
Jessy failed to believe in the epitome of her beauty.

collection of love poems

Adorable and intriguing, she was a mesmerizing cutie.
Her environment manifested an ally.
The ally was solely directing her toward the design which she had
embarked on.

What kind of future did Jessy envision for herself?
The things she desired to accomplish.
She began to draw the picture of her life in her heart as clear as
possible, and that itself became the design for her future.
Jessy never gave up on true love.
Her ally served as a foundation for the growth within.
Jessy was adamant to break through, developing a thick skin.
Women are not expendable. Her deep, fundamental darkness had
broken through.

collection of love poems

She had found peace within herself. She was no longer the butterfly that
was chasing the flower.
Jessy’s life had become like the blossomed flower, with no indefinite
rush of hours.
Her life was exuding joy and radiance.
She was not succumbing to a restricting fence.
Jessy found love beyond her wildest imagination.
Her life unfolded splendidly as designed by the creation.

Every poem in our collection of love poems is romance personified. It speaks the language of the various forms of love- people, romantic, self, and life! If you enjoyed reading them, share this collection of love poems with your loved ones, and express your feelings for them. If you find a spark of inspiration from any of these poems, comment down below, and let people be inspired by your spirits!

Although, this collection of love poems comes from an ocean of love poems, the book Intriguing Lives. You can buy the book here. More love poems? Does sound interesting, right?

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