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20 Latest Bride and Groom Entry Songs 2021-22

The bride and groom take their vows in front of hundreds of people at their wedding. Don’t they deserve a grand entry at least? Course they do! In India, especially, people plan beforehand for some bride and groom entry songs so they can make the entry grand and also dance their way into the next phase of their lives. There’s a lot of pomp and festivity in Indian weddings when the couple enters the venue, and some even go out of the way to enter in ways like no one else has. Although, that’s a whole different story altogether.

We wanted to compile a one-stop list of the various bride and groom entry songs for the wedding season of 2021-20211 so you don’t have to look elsewhere. Should we dance right into them?

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Latest Bride and Groom Entry Songs

bride and groom entry song ideas

Before we start enlisting the songs, a little disclaimer. Not all the songs on this list are new, because, you know, some songs are wedding classics. It’s hard not to include them in our lists!

1. Badri Ki Dulhaniya (Title Song)

You see what I mean? Badri Ki Dulhaniya fits perfectly into the scenario and is indeed one of the best bride and groom entry songs so far. The groom, especially, can make his entry grand and express to the crowd how he’s there to take home his bride.

2. Enna Sona

For the romantic touch and to make people’s eyes glisten with an appreciation for your love for one another, you have to, have to, have to enter to Enna Sona. It’s the kind of song you can enter with and then the couple can break into a couple dance. It’s a great pick for entering the reception/Sangeet venue than the wedding venue.

3. Main Hoon Hero Tera

It’s not like we’re biased with just offering some groom entry songs. It’s just, he’s come all the way to take his bride. Shouldn’t both of you have something to feel special?

4. Perfect

Perfect is yet another of that bride and groom entry songs that one considers at least once for their wedding. If you’re planning on dancing with one another, it’s a beautiful melody to enter and then bring your partner to dance with you!

5. Humma Humma

The latest version of Humma Humma fits perfectly for those couples who’ve already tied the knot and are ready to meet the world as Mr. and Mrs. at their reception. Wouldn’t it be lovely to watch people clap for you at the tunes of “Ek ho gaye hum aur tum?”

6. Mangalyam (Saathiya)

Grand scale wedding or not, play the song Mangalyam when the bride enters the wedding mandap where her groom awaits her. It sets the mood, right?

7. Piya O re Piya

Okay, hands down, this is one of the cutest songs for couples who’re so in love with one another. Here’s a suggestion, use the song if you’ve lived a long love story before you actually got to marry one another. It’s perfect for the bride’s entry.

8. Chogada Tara

The lyrics of chogada make this one of the perfect bride and groom entry songs. Quite new, people still end up moving to the tunes of this song.

9. Pehli Baar (Dhadak)

Your eyes just sparkled, didn’t they? Most people leave this song out of the list. It is one worthy song to be on the list of those couples who’ve opted for an arranged marriage and cannot wait to explore the wonderful personalities of their partners.

10. Ban Ja Rani (Tumhari Sullu)

Yet another one for the groom, Ban Ja Rani is a lovely song to perform at the Sangeet function. It’s like proposing to the bride in front of friends and relatives, all over again.

11.  Azeemo Shaan Shehenshah

Okay, yes it’s a little too royal, but isn’t that how you should feel on your wedding day? In fact, this is also one of the most trending bride and groom entry songs for the reception. The couple can walk in together than separately at the wedding. The song also suits the situation when the groom enters the wedding venue to make the entry seem like a loud one!

12. Thousand Years

If you’re looking for some bride and groom entry songs in English, then there’s nothing better than Thousand years. Much like the original song, it sets one into the mood of feeling special and injects the air in the room with some romance.

13. Laung Da Lashkara

The bride or the groom can enter to the son individually or separately to dance their love and happiness of becoming one.

14. Tenu Leke

It’s not so new but it doesn’t feel so old either. It feels very special when the groom enters with this song.

15. Janam Janam

We can all agree the movie wasn’t so great. No doubt about that. But the song, well it has some ring to it, doesn’t it? A slow dance, dim lights, and looking into one another’s eyes until people’s claps break your moment (lol)- sounds about right? And so, it is among the best bride and groom entry songs!

16. Dilliwali girlfriend

The groom entering to this song, with a clear statement that he’s left everyone behind only for his bride-to-be.

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17. Dheere Dheere Se

For some more love to your love-filled ceremonies is this one among the bride and groom entry songs. Slow, subtle, and musical with lyrics replicating the heart’s joy, Dheere Dheere se is the one to pick!

18. Tan Tana Tan Tan Tan Tara

The new one, the old one, use whichever. The song is sure to make the audience smile and the friends cheer! Kick in some hip rolls while entering with this song, will you?

18. Saddi Gali

Among the many bride and groom entry songs, this one will surely make everyone on the bride’s side go, “Awww.” Imagining a groom asking for his woman to move to his home, it’s just wow!

19. Aaj se meri sari khushiya teri ho gayi

Absolutely Indian and straight from the heart, this is one song that will remain special for the hardcore romantics. If you’ve also struggled to marry the one you’ve loved for long, this is the song for you!

20. Din Shagna Da

You knew this would be on the list, didn’t you? Since the song has made it in the market, it hasn’t stopped topping the charts of the various bride and groom entry songs. (It was mine too, haha)!

Are there any more you’d like to add to this list? Which song did you enter to? Let us know in the comments below. Share this article with those set to tie the know during this wedding season. If you haven’t already, then start following us on @love_smitten, where a lot more action happens. Subscribe to Love Smitten so we can personally notify you when we publish something new.

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