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10 Cool and Funny New Relationship Memes

Being in a new relationship is not all efforts and the “let’s see where it is going dilemma.” There’s so much more fun to it, right? And some of us are creative enough to put our hearts out on the internet by uploading relatable situations with some new relationship memes that break people into laughter. They’re cool, funny, and take us straight into the lives of people trying to build something new with someone.

These cool and funny new relationship memes are just what you need to say bye-bye to January’s first week and get used to saying 2022 already over the weekend. (Caught you?) Jokes apart, stay home, okay? We care!

Cool and Funny New Relationship Memes

You ready for this?

1. Is the lighting right?

cool new relationship memes

Thank you @iaintcrazy for making this super cool meme that shows exactly how difficult it is to get the perfect selfie when your “could be” someone asks for it. You’re at home but it’s still too soon to show him the dark circles, isn’t it? (Lol, dark circles are cool, guys- they show hard work!)

2. To meet or not to meet

relationship memes

To meet or not to meet is one of the greatest dilemmas of all time when in a new relationship. One wants to be cool but at the same time cannot get enough of seeing each other. We all relate to this one!

3. Crazy or not!

relationship meme

You’re not crazy and they like it! But it does make one think what kind of people is this person meeting that he is expressive enough right in the first meeting! Would you let this lead into a relationship? Hmmm!

4.  The Fart not situation!

funny new relationship memes

It takes time to phase into entirely being yourselves in a new relationship. Gradually, the farts don’t seem like a big deal. But when the relationship is new, you still hold the position of beautiful or macho, and a fart could come in the way of it. This one among the other new relationship memes is a laughter riot and we all know why!

5. The heart and brain conversation

cool relationship memes

Hahaha! Every time you find someone new, don’t you see your heart and brain have this conversation so you don’t get hurt all over again? You do! You do!

6. The fraud partner!

online relationship meme

You’re so excited to take your new relationship to the next level, and this… this is what you find? That’s so not okay. (Lol)

7. The first yell

relationship memeWhen in a new relationship, is it exciting to look forward to all the firsts? And that’s just the kind of expression you’ll have on your face when your new someone yells at you for the first time. Isn’t this one of the cutest new relationship memes?

8. Found “the one!”

relationship funny

Yeah, that’s what you do. You don’t let go of the person you found this time if you think he/she is “the one.” Learn from the cats!

9. Make the announcement

relationship annoucements

Where else do people express their love or announce about finally finding love, huh? This is how you show it! Ha ha!

10. Taking the chances?

cool relationship memes

Now it all depends on you, do you want to take the chance or not? We’re just… saying!

Which one’s your favorite among these new relationship memes, though? The fun and cool aside, we’re sure your new relationship will sail through all the things in the beginning and take you to a happy space where you’ve never been before. If not, you’ll learn a few more lessons and get to enjoy some firsts again with someone else. That’s an optimistic way to look at it, isn’t it?

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