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10 Best Holiday Movies to watch this Christmas

Can you also hear the Christmas bells in your ears all the time around the holiday season? Coz I can! I’m forever excited for Christmas, and cannot wait to extend this joyous mood upon everyone around me. When in school, my sister and I would wait for the winter holidays, so we could plonk before the television and catch up on some of the best holiday movies. Today, as we’re just a few days far from celebrating Christmas 2021, I can’t help reminisce the good times.

Some of the best holiday movies are evergreen, not necessarily new because these are the ones that give us the winter chills every time because they’re very jingle belly! Here’s a list of the top holiday movies of all time that you should watch this Christmas.

10 Best Holiday Movies to watch this Christmas

Here we go!

1. The Holiday Calendar

the holiday calendar

The budding romance, the coming together of two friends, finding an inherited advent calendar, to a prediction of finding love- The Holiday Calendar is everything we need to feel what finding love feels like. My suggestion- Get some good, warm food, a warming blanket, and don’t move till the end! Catch this one Netflix.

2. The Holiday

I caught up on this movie very recently with my husband, and we’re both fans of Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, both. It was fun! Two women, bored of their routine and love lives decide to exchange their homes in two different time zones, London and LA. Eventually, both of them find love in their new homes and also end up being relatives. How? Watch to find out!

3. Happiest Season

Happiest Season movie

Released in 2020, when the world was shut, Happiest Season starring Kristen Stewart, Mackenize Lewis, Dan Levy, and Clean DuVall, did indeed spread happiness with its new-age story. The story revolves around the queer community and how they’re always hanging around their family during the holidays and their fears of coming out. One to watch as it is one of the best holiday movies!

4. Holiday in the Wild

While one would think the holidays are all about finding love, Holiday in the Wild is a little different. When a wife plans a second honeymoon with her husband after their son leaves for college, she’s hit by the shock of divorce. Around Christmas time, Manhattanite Kate Conrad played by Kristin Davis sets of on a solo journey in the wild, to find her new self, and spend her time in new surroundings. Does she find love again? Not telling you!

5. Home Alone

Home Alone

We cannot talk about the best holiday movies and not have Home Alone on the list, can we? And I’m talking about the original one, not the ones that came after. The charm that the first Home Alone had set laughter, joy, and so much fascination in every young kid’s heart when it first came out. The movie lives on as as refreshing as ever even for the kids today.

6. Last Christmas

Last Christmas might not be on the list of many, but it is on mine! You know why? Simple- because it expresses emotions so profound that it makes you think about how we should always be our best. I would hate to say more, lest I gave away a lot about the movie. For me, it is one of the best holiday movies, because it doesn’t just entertain but also teaches.

7. The Princess Switch (all of them)

The Princess Switch

Look for any of The Princess Switch series, and you’ll see they’re all listed among the best holiday movies ever. For years, we’re watching the Princess Switch series that includes The Princess Switch (2019), The Princess Switch- Switched Again (2020), and The Princess Switch- Romancing the Star (2021).

8. The Knight Before Christmas

Romancing a knight is a whole different level of excitement, isn’t it? A Knight time travels 900 years into the present, and the handsome, shining armor, and runs into a Science teacher. She helps him get accustomed to the new world and fulfill his quest. Is it possible to fall in love with someone who has traveled from the past? That will unfold with the movie, but it is indeed one of the best holiday movies with romance, mystery, and festivity.

9. A Castle for Christmas

A castle for christmas

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Getting a castle for Christmas. A Castle for Christmas that was released in 2021 meets beyond one’s expectations. A face-off for a Castle between the grumpy owner and a bestselling author, this movie is fun and lovey!

10. Let it Snow

A 2019 movie, Let it Snow is one of the cutest ones among the best holiday movies we can watch this year. A storm, stranded teenagers, and a following, unexpected Christmas morning, all of these factors make Let it Snow a super hit.

I’m pretty sure there are several other Christmas movies on your list, but this list comes straight from my heart, and wanted to put it out there. If you’re also celebrating the Christmas holidays this year, then load up on popcorn, warm coffee, or hot chocolate, load up your OTT subscriptions, and bingle!

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